Zero-Mile Display Piece: 1977 Harley-Davidson XLCR for Sale

1977 Harley XLCR L Side

A bike that was a bit ahead of it’s time, at least by Harley-Davidson standards, the stylish, any-color-you-want-as-long-as-it’s-black, cafe racer-styled Harley XLCR didn’t convince the ever-conservative faithful when it was introduced. The bike didn’t sell particularly well, which is a shame, because the XLCR is a bike that actually looked forward, instead of backwards for its inspiration.

1977 Harley XLCR Clocks

But although the look of the bike was meant to compete with Europe and Japan’s best, the bones and meat were pretty conventional: a 998cc pushrod Sportster engine with 9:1 compression and 38mm Keihin carbs put 61bhp through a drive chain to the four-speed gearbox. The frame was a parts-bin-special as well, with a Sportster front section matched with rear tubes and a swingarm from the XR750 race bike. Cast wheels added to the modern styling and triple disc brakes gave something approaching modern stopping power.

1977 Harley XLCR Tank

So it’s basically a mildly hopped-up Sportster in a black leather jacket and dark, mirrored sunglasses. Which is no bad thing, and possibly the coolest bike to come out of Harley’s AMF-era, a period of time where you bought a Harley because that’s the only brand you’d ever consider buying anyway…

1977 Harley XLCR Engine

From the original eBay listing: 1977 Harley Davidson XLCR for Sale

This legend is truth and it’s come back on the market. This XLCR was bought brand new in 1977 as a decoration in a livingroom.  It never goes on the street and stay completely original.  Even the Harley-Davidson test sticker stays on the headlight and the speedometer. I bought this motorcycle five years ago and it stays in my private collection in a a/c and smoke free place. As this motorcycle came from USA there is no duty to bring it back. I will help to any carrier for shipping. Still with a US title .  Buyer is responsible to make his own verification. Engine VIN: 7F01507H7.

1977 Harley XLCR Wheel

With zero miles on the clock, the seller is asking some serious money, and this time-capsule machine will obviously require some work if you want to put it back on the road, but that shouldn’t be too difficult, if you’re so inclined. But unfortunately, I expect that this bike will remain what it is right now: a very menacing display piece.


1977 Harley XLCR R Side


Tasty Triple: 1974 Triumph Trident for Sale

1974 Triumph Trident R Side

It’s pretty easy to imagine what sort of engine powers a Triumph Trident: a trident obviously offers three prongs of fish or secutor and murmillo-stabbing goodness, and the Trident has three cylinders of British charisma! Built with the US market in mind and designed to counter the immanent threat of Honda’s CB750, the Triumph/BSA 750 triple was much smoother than the parallel-twins on which it was based. It featured very ordinary specifications, with a four-speed box that was updated to a five-speed unit in 1971 and pushrod-actuated overhead valves.

1974 Triumph Trident L Side Front

This was good for 58hp and a nearly 120mph top speed. While the specifications were ordinary, the Triumph/BSA machine was the only game in town at the time if you wanted a big, four-stroke triple. And why wouldn’t you? Triples famously combine the torque of a twin and the revs of a four, with a funky, syncopated beat.

1974 Triumph Trident Clocks

Interestingly, BSA owned Triumph at the time and the triple was produced in both BSA and Triumph versions: unit construction allowed slight visual differences between the two, with the BSA engine leaned slightly forward and the Triumph’s more upright. The same engine would later find its way into the very striking X75 Hurricane as well, although the Trident is far more restrained in terms of style.

1974 Triumph Trident R Side Engine

From the original eBay listing: 1974 Triumph Trident for Sale

Kept in a climate controlled environment and out of a serious collection. Currently registered and road-ready. Converted to a cafe-style bike. Very rare aluminium tank, 1969 ray gun mufflers, cafe style seat and custom paint. This is not a barn fresh bike, starts stops and runs. Please take a look at the pictures and feel free to ask any questions you may have. This IS a matching numbers bike!

1974 Triumph Trident L Side Engine

The aluminum tank on this bike has a much more squared-off style that looks a bit more like the BSA’s original design: the Triumph’s tank was a much more traditional, teardrop Bonneville-style piece.

Personally, I’d swap that solo-seat/number-plate tail section out for a nice dual seat and some passenger pegs: this is clearly no race-bike, and would make an excellent platform for introducing that special someone to the pleasures of life on a bike.


1974 Triumph Trident L Side



A Perfect Storm: 1975 Benelli Tornado 650S for Sale

1975 Benelli Tornado 650S R Front

Built between 1968 and 1976, the Benelli Tornado 650S could be thought of the “Anti-Triumph.” While the basic pushrod 650cc, parallel-twin specifications suggest a bike superficially similar, it is very different in practice. Apparently, the Benelli twin actually has four flywheels, but for most of us, a clue about the character can be found in the hugely oversquare dimensions: 84mm x 58mm. No balance shafts here, but the engine is very smooth and loves to rev, compared to contemporary British bikes.

1975 Benelli Tornado 650S R Rear

Amusingly, a bit of 70’s “anti-vibration” tech can be seen below: the long nubs on the footpeg rubber were designed to help isolate engine vibes that might be transmitted through the controls.

1975 Benelli Tornado 650S Engine

While drum brakes may not have been cutting-edge technology by 1975, the huge, chunky piece here should provide plenty of stopping power for anyone prepared to accept the limitations of vintage brakes.

1975 Benelli Tornado 650S Clocks

The original listing includes plenty of excellent, high quality photographs that show the bike in great detail. There are some minor blemishes and bits of corrosion, but overall, this bike is extremely clean, with only 60 miles.

1975 Benelli Tornado 650S L Front

From the original eBay listing: 1975 Benelli Tornado 650S for Sale

In extremely pristine condition this Benelli Tornado 650S is a perfect showpiece for Benelli’s unique Italian design and build quality. Indicated on the odometer, this Benelli has only registered 60 miles! Painted in its original a yellow and black color scheme this motorcycle looks amazing. The paint is original and in ideal condition, only very minor imperfections can be found; but are negligible for original 40 year-old motorcycle. Every chrome and stainless steel accessory is original and in very good condition, almost no aging can be found. A black banana seat allows the rider have a comfortable and relaxing experience, with a natural riding position. Under the seat the original red tool kit is still in place with every tool being accounted for. Original handlebars and Veglia gauges are in excellent condition, the handlebars still retain the factory hand grips too. Front and rear turn indicators work along with the original headlight and taillight too.

It should be noted that this motorcycle was never been titled. It will be sold on Bill of Sale, with the original manufacturer’s statement of origin (MSO) in hand.

1975 Benelli Tornado 650S Tank

$12,900 is obviously pretty big money for a Benelli Tornado. But, as was true for the Quattro that was featured here last week, that might seem like fair money to the right buyer. If you’re a collector and want the best, lowest-mileage example you can find, this has to be one of the most perfect and original Tornados in existence.


1975 Benelli Tornado 650S Front


Road-Legal Racer: 1972 Laverda SFC 750 for Sale

1972 Laverda SFC R Side

Laverda’s SFC is quite literally a race-bike for the road, from the end of the era when this was realistically possible. “Super Freni Competizione” translates basically to “Super Braking Competition” and refers to the enormous front drum brake and the SFC’s race-oriented construction.

1972 Laverda SFC L Side Engine

It was based on Laverda’s famously rugged 750cc twin and featured the highest-quality parts: everything not designed and manufactured in-house was chosen for its performance, with Ceriani providing suspension, Bosch the ignition components, and Nippon-Denso the electrics. With fewer than 600 made, these are homologation specials, stuffed full of race-ready parts that saw as much as 80hp from the 750cc parallel-twin. Although the SFC was technically a roadbike, the race-tuned motor and uncompromising ergonomics made street use largely hypothetical.

1972 Laverda SFC Dash

Road-oriented parts are clearly an afterthought: take a look at that taillight that looks like it’s attached to the tail section with double-sided tape, pointed skyward and the instrumentation devoid of anything but a single Smiths tachometer. Often, when these come up for sale, the few road-legal parts that were originally fitted have already been removed from the bike and boxed up.

1972 Laverda SFC R Side Engine

From the original eBay listing: 1972 Laverda SFC 750 Mk1 for Sale

Model year 1972

VIN/Engine 10784

Bike in top condition, mechanically rebuilt by main specialist Riccardo Oro, present on the Laverda SFC register with extra certification by Massimo Borghesi. Italian documents.

Ride and collect! Bulletproof investment.

Bike is currently located in Stowmarket, England but I can get them delivered all around the World at cost, no problem.

1972 Laverda SFC Display

Bidding is up north of $36,000 as I write this, with active bidding and plenty of time left on the auction. As is the case with many cars and motorcycles, these were refined throughout the production, adding disc brakes and electronic ignition, so later models were probably better in practice. However, from a collector’s standpoint, early models tend to command higher prices, and although we’ve featured a number of SFC’s over the past few years, I can’t remember seeing one this early.


1972 Laverda SFC L Side


Nearly New: 1977 Benelli 500 Quattro for Sale

1977 Benelli Quattro L Side

1970’s Benellis like this 500 Quattro fill an interesting niche in the vintage biking scene. Produced during the controversial DeTomaso era, when the Argentinian seemed to own just about every struggling exotic nameplate out there, from cars to bikes. Rumored to be based heavily on Honda’s CB four cylinder, the Benelli is a very solid machine, but offers up nothing really exceptional, aside from that exotic nameplate.

1977 Benelli Quattro Tank

Which is a shame, as Benelli is a company with a storied racing history. Founded in 1911 as a repair shop, they were producing bikes by 1919 and winning championships in the late 1920’s. They had a great deal of success during the 1960’s, especially in the 250cc class.

Being the Italian equivalent of a Honda CB isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s just unfortunate that such a famous, high-performance brand couldn’t offer up something just a little bit more…

1977 Benelli Quattro L Side Engine

From the original eBay listing: 1977 Benelli 500 Quattro for Sale

This was one of the leftover bikes I had when I was a dealer for Benelli in Westchester County, NY. Great condition always stored indoors. I used a dealer plate when I demoed the bike or take it to shows. Never registered. I have the original MSO that goes with the bike and will provide a bill of sale. Some chrome is missing in places. Exhaust pipes are in excellent condition. Gas tank has been cleaned, sealed and re sprayed. Carbs cleaned. New battery installed. Just rode down the street and transmission shifted fine. Clutch works as it should. Brakes work great. Lights all work. Speedometer is in kilometers. Tool kit and owners manual included. Tires are original. 

1977 Benelli Quattro Dash

The starting bid for this original little gem is $10,000 with no takers so far and little time left on the auction. This is a hard bike to price, considering DeTomaso-era Benellis are about as rare as hen’s teeth in the US these days. In general, we see the more exotic six-cylinder Sei: the four cylinder bikes are virtually unknown here, making them exceedingly rare, but of interest only to Benelli fans.

1977 Benelli Quattro Front Wheel

And if you are a Benelli fan, you’re most likely looking for something more vintage. But for riders who want a bike that’s just a bit different than a run-of-the-mill Japanese four, this might fit the bill. You certainly aren’t likely to find one as nice or with such low mileage ever again.


1977 Benelli Quattro R Side


The Wes Cooley-ist: 1980 Suzuki GS1000S for Sale

1980 Suzuki GS1000S Wes Cooley R Side

Today’s blue-and-white Suzuki GS1000S “Wes Cooley Replica” is a throwback to another era of racing, an arms-race by Japan’s Big Four as they built bigger, better big fours.

Twins and singles are generally limited in terms of absolute displacement, barring balance shafts and other, more modern trickery: get much bigger than 500cc’s, and a single will likely shake your motorcycle to pieces, and twins often have similar problems. But manufacturers began adding more cylinders, smoothness improved, and displacements soared. For a time, that additional power made attempts at weight savings superfluous, and pounds were added along with the horsepower. That weight helped to increase stability as manufacturers worked out how to make these bellowing behemoths handle.

1980 Suzuki GS1000S Wes Cooley L Side2

Watching jockey-sized pilots wrestle with 600lb superbikes in the 1970’s was thrilling, although Suzuki included handling in the mix as well. The 998cc GS1000S may not have had the straight-line speed of other bikes, but it could also go around corners and, with engines developed by “Pops” Yoshimura, it saw significant success in the hands of rider Wes Cooley.

1980 Suzuki GS1000S Wes Cooley Speedo

Although it was primarily designed for the European market, Wes’ success led to the GS1000S bike being referred to as the “Wes Cooley Replica.” Just about 1200 were made: 500 in 1979 and 700 in 1980. 1980 models like this one originally featured electronic ignition, a stepped seat, slotted brake rotors, and other cosmetic changes.

1980 Suzuki GS1000S Wes Cooley R Side Fairing

From the original eBay listing: 1980 Suzuki GS1000S Wes Cooley Replica for Sale

Nice rare bike less than 1000 sold in the United States from what I can find out. Clear Tennessee title in hand.

Bike has been owned by a good friend of mine for over 20 years, always dry inside storage (until I got it June 6th, it is still on the trailer under a cover, haven’t had time to make a spot in the garage for it). Last was started about 2 years ago, not sure if or how far he may have rode it. I have not tried to start it, petcock is leaking, I am sure the carbs need to be cleaned, front brakes do not work and the battery is dead. The ignition switch is missing the lock cylinder but I do have a key that fits the gas cap and seat lock.

Has escaped the normal Krylon paint job, appears to be all original paint, does have a couple of dings in the tank, the fairing has some road rash on the upper left. The inside of the tank appears to be in good condition from looking in the gas cap area, no tank sealer to clean out. Chain guard is cracked. The instrument cover is damaged as shown in the photo and a gauge cover is cracked. No idea of why the seat and tail section alignment is so bad, I can’t see anything that looks badly bent or broken.

Has 2 seats, one with the optional Elvis velour insert and it has a very small surface rust area on the base. Have another seat not on the bike and that seat base has rust issues and the seat cover is torn.

Pipes are from a 1000L model and have rust on the head pipes.

I have tried to show all of the damage I can in the photos. if you have a specific area you have more questions about or need more photos just ask.

I do have a new NOS windshield, NOS upper fairing mounts and a pair of NOS mirrors.

1980 Suzuki GS1000S Wes Cooley Fairing

There are just a few hours left on this auction, with bidding up to just north of $1,600 and the reserve unsurprisingly not met. Obviously, this one needs a bit of work before you head off to relive superbike fantasies, but it looks like most of the work is cosmetic or well within a competent garage mechanic’s abilities.


1980 Suzuki GS1000S Wes Cooley R Side Panel


Cool In Ice Blue: 1976 Moto Guzzi 850 Le Mans for Sale

1976 Moto Guzzi 850 LeMans L Front

I normally try to space out bikes of similar make and model, and we did just feature a very nice 850 Le Mans recently, but this one has a couple things going for it that that make it stand out from previous examples.

First, as the seller clearly indicates, is a very early example, built in December of 1975. Second, it’s painted in the very rare “ice silver”. While we all know that Italian bikes are generally required by law to be painted in blood red, with the exception of Laverda, and I believe they had some sort of government exemption… But this bluish-silver color really suits the bike’s angular lines while highlighting the orange “safety” stripe on the bikini fairing and was very rare: most Le Mans were red, although a handful were this metallic blue, with white ones as rare as hen’s teeth…

1976 Moto Guzzi 850 LeMans Dash

This example features a number of quality modifications that should make even purists happy: timing gears replace the chain and should allow more precise tuning, with upgraded suspension to make the most of the bike’s stable handling and a mix of upgraded and rebuilt braking components to improve safety. The seller also helpfully includes a nice ride-by video.

1976 Moto Guzzi 850 LeMans L Rear

From the original eBay listing: 1976 Moto Guzzi 850 Le Mans for Sale

Moto Guzzi 850 LM 1 #007 first series LeMans # VE *070007* Built December 1975 the 7th bike built on the first with US VIN tags.

Bub Hyper full exhaust system

38mm Strada forks

Dyna ignition

Deep-sump extender

Vented rear drive

Alloy timing gears

New Odyssey dry cell battery

Rebuilt 36mm Dellorto’s

Magura clip-ons 38mm

Koni shocks

Un-linked brakes

Upgraded Brembo master (Ducati 900SS)

Stainless brake lines

Rebuilt Brembo calipers and master cylinder

Later type switch gear

Newer Metzler tires

1976 Moto Guzzi 850 LeMans L Engine Detail

The bike isn’t completely original and, perhaps in twenty or thirty years, some pedantic concours judge will subtract some points, but for folks in the here-and-now, the period-appropriate modifications make for a better ride. With the possible exception of the un-linked brakes: while purists generally prefer their front brakes controlled by hand and the rear by foot, by all accounts Guzzi’s linked system worked very well, so it’s more a question of taste than performance.

1976 Moto Guzzi 850 LeMans R Detail

Tragically for those of us who fell in love with these ten years ago when you could still find a Le Mans for $6,000 or so, the Buy It Now price is listed as $18,999. That’s at the high-end for first-generation Le Mans I’ve seen lately, but reflects the rarity, relatively low mileage, and useability of this example.


1976 Moto Guzzi 850 LeMans R Front


Jack-Of-All-Trades: 1975 BMW R75/6 for Sale

1975 BMW R75 L Side

Bikes like BMW’s R75/6 represent a much more do-it-all imagining of the sportbike, before race-bred ergonomics and peaky powerplants made them impossibly focused and of far more limited utility than they are today. And although BMW’s have, until the S1000RR, reveled in a sort of “older gentleman’s express” image, they’ve always been able to get a wiggle on when asked, although it was often suggested that you phone ahead if you needed any significant braking done…

1975 BMW R75 L Side Cockpit

But it’s important to remember that part of BMW’s continued success was their early realization that the future of motorcycles was exactly in that upmarket trend away from practical transportation, and they adjusted their product to match that need. And then, instead of chasing every new styling and technological trend through the 70’s and 80’s, they became more than just motorcycles. They were BMW’s.

Introduced in 1974, the /6 models featured a front disc brake and an interesting master cylinder that was tucked under the tank to provide protection during a crash that was operated via a short cable. The 749cc engine was basically a bored-out version of the smaller bikes’ “airhead” flat twin units and gave 50hp with a top speed of 110mph.

1975 BMW R75 R Side Engine

From the original eBay listing: 1975 BMW R75/6 for Sale

The bike is in amazing condition but it is over 30 years old. I has a scratch on the tank. The tach needs to be replaced. Otherwise the bike is in great condition! But please ask any questions and I’m happy to answer in detail or get a picture. There are basic nicks that just occur with time but nothing major other. The ones on the tank are the most noticeable.

This has been my 2nd rider in Brooklyn for over 5 or 6 years.  It was rebuilt and purchase from AutoBahn Kraftwerks who are AMAZING at what they do.  The bike has been routinely maintained in Brooklyn by Peter at Moto Bogataro, I’ve owned a few airheads and he is the best mechanic I’ve ever worked with.  Love, care, passion and pure knowledge. 

It has been stored in my garage and never kept outdoors.  It starts on first click unless of course it’s really cold then it may take one or two extra.  

It needs a little bit of a wash, I will do it this weekend actually and have it detailed.  :)  There is no rust AT ALL, that mud is just a puddle I ran over comes right off!!!  Will update photos if I can in time. 

The engine is super powerful, responsive, such a blast to drive, great weight balance, comfortable, and just a pleasure even two up. 

Most of the work was done by AutoBahn but I did update the rear shocks, have new tires, worked on brakes, maintained oil change schedule.  An s-fairing could be added to it, all hook up are on the bike. 

I am selling it because I no longer have my apartment with the parking space in 2 months and cannot afford to pay for an indoor lot for two bikes. 


1975 BMW R75 L Side Tank

I am familiar with Moto Bogataro, one of the shops he mentions in Brooklyn. They do have an excellent reputation and do lots of work on old Laverdas and Guzzis as well.

This particular bike doesn’t show all that well in the pictures, but the seller claims it just needs a bit of cosmetic TLC. I do believe him that it’s just mud spatters showing on the pipe and not rust, as the same material is obviously there on the seat as well. But the front tire is also looking pretty low and I’m not sure why you wouldn’t take a moment to correct those issues before photographing your bike for sale on eBay. With a Buy-It-Now price of $5,700 it’s not exactly cheap, but you’re looking at what appears to be a very solid example of an extremely classic sport motorcycle.


1975 BMW R75 Cockpit


Original Round-Case: 1974 Ducati 750 Super Sport for Sale

1974 Ducati 750 Super Sport L Side

A bike that probably needs no introduction, the original 750 Super Sport was built to celebrate Ducati’s against-the-odds 1-2 victory at Imola in 1972, cementing forever the image of Ducati and its Desmo L-twin sportbikes. With only 401 built, the “round-case” 750 Super Sport is one of the most desirable motorcycles of all time, and a bike credited with saving Ducati from the junkyard of history. The first time, at least…

1974 Ducati 750 Super Sport R Engine Detail

Although Ducati’s “desmodromic” valvetrain is now offered on every one of their models, when the 750 Super Sport was introduced, it was available only on the most sporting singles and twins: the GT and Sport both made do with simple valve springs. And although the SS shared the GT’s frame, the motor also featured a lighter crankshaft, high-compression pistons, and larger carburetors.

1974 Ducati 750 Super Sport Cockpit

Controls were uncompromising and set up for performance riding, with bodywork that barely cloaked the mechanicals. Note the distinctive vertical stripe on the tank. It’s actually unpainted fiberglass, allowing the rider to reliably gauge fuel level. Ducati brakes during this period often varied year-to-year and sometimes from bike-to-bike, with Lockheed, Scarab, and Brembo parts being common. The Super Sport generally used the Scarabs shown here, although an improved version compared that featured a bleed screw [?!] and a third disc at the rear, also by Scarab, a relative novelty at the time.

1974 Ducati 750 Super Sport L Engine Detail

From the original eBay listing: 1974 Ducati 750 Super Sport for Sale

I purchased this motorcycle new in June 1975 and have since been the only one to ride or wrench on it. The bike is titled as a 1975 using it’s engine number not the different frame number as that is how the Ducati paperwork came from the factory. Be assured this is a real deal 1974 roundcase. The engine has never been apart and still has it’s factory seal. It neither burns or leaks oil and the transmission and clutch work as they should. I have made a few mods over the  years including-electronic ignition-stainless spokes- Brembo front master cylinder and stainless brake lines-new decals and replacement coils. I still have the original parts if the new owner wants them. The fiberglass tank has been coated inside to resist modern gas but I always drain it after riding to be safe. This is the best running motorcycle I have ever ridden and hate to sell but it has become to valuable for me to ride or repair in case of an accident.

The finish of the paint and chrome have deteriorated greatly over time especially the frame. The exhaust is original and has a small hole patched in the crossover under the engine. The photos show the carbs with the original velocity stacks but I always rode with Uni foam filters installed. The mileage shown is actually in kilometers.

I installed new tires, battery, fuel lines, oil and cleaned and installed pumper diaphragms in the carbs this spring. It needs nothing to be ridden and enjoyed as is or would be a good choice for a cosmetic restoration.

1974 Ducati 750 Super Sport Fairing

In the Questions and Answers section, the seller also mentions that this is the original paint. Good question since, although the photos are of decent quality, the light makes them look like the body panels have a pearlescent color that looks more modern…

1974 Ducati 750 Super Sport Head

Overall, this is a pretty impressive example of a running Super Sport, and the seller has helpfully provided a short video here. This is no museum piece, and although there are some cosmetic flaws, that’s to be expected of a 40 year old paint that wasn’t the best quality even when new… With active bidding up north of $85,000 this is an auction most of us will unfortunately have to watch from the sidelines.


1974 Ducati 750 Super Sport R Side


Flying the Flag, Sort Of: 1967 Harley-Davidson 350cc Racer for Sale

1967 Aermacchi 350 Race Bike L Front

Today’s Harley-Davidson isn’t exactly a Harley. Looking for a quick way into the sporty middleweight market, Harley purchased 50% of Aermacchi’s motorcycle production operation in the early 1960’s. Rebranded as Harley-Davidsons, they clearly didn’t have much in common with the big v-twins from The Motor Company, other than that classic logo. Aermacchis were mechanically simple, but lightweight and nimble, with a history of racing successes in various forms of competition.

1967 Aermacchi 350 Race Bike R Rear

In fact, I’m sure it was a pain for shops and dealers, since they now had to have complete sets of both English and Metric tools! And historically, we know how that usually goes for outsiders who come into conflict with Harley’s entrenched mindset both inside the company and among their legions of dedicated fans: by 1978, they’d sold off Aermacchi.

1967 Aermacchi 350 Race Bike R Cockpit

Over at eBay, you can read a bit more about Aermacchi’s history in the very detailed original listing: 1967 Aermacchi 350cc Racer for Sale

With so much intermingling of parts and specifications, a race bike is often made up of from the best components for the job. So it is with the unquestionably beautiful bike offered here. It consists of a 350cc dry clutch motor in a 1967 Sprint H style frame, an Ala Verde style peanut-shape tank, and a twin-leading shoe front brake. Built to race, the bike was then subject to a comprehensive and complete restoration and since has been meticulously stored and displayed in a prominent Southern California collection. With only shake down miles on the rebuild, the bike will need re-commissioning before returning to the track. I would suggest tires in that.

Although he never rode the bike, it was signed by Mert Lawwill’s, who saw it at a concours event and expressed his appreciation for the quality of the build. Beautiful as it unquestionably is, the bike is ready to start and run or to take pride of place as a museum exhibit, such is the quality of the restoration and build.

 1967 Aermacchi 350 Race Bike Numberplate

These make excellent vintage race bikes, with good parts availability and plenty of tunability. They may lack the manic excitement and outright performance of a two-stroke, but they’re much more durable, meaning less time wrenching and more time riding. So if you’re looking to dip your feet into the vintage racing scene, and a Honda CB is just too pedestrian, this might make a great choice: the Buy It Now price is $9,900 which, while far from cheap, represents a pretty good price, considering the preparation that’s gone into this bike.


1967 Aermacchi 350 Race Bike L Side

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