1938 BSA Gold Star

As we have posted before, the name that a motorcycle is given is often related to a major achievement by the manufacture. BSA (Birmingham Small Arms) named one of its bikes after winning a Gold Star at Brooklands high banked race track in England. This small gold star pin was awarded to W.L Hanley in 1937 when he took a alcohol burning Empire Star on a lap measured at 107.57mph. The following year the Gold Star was offered and continued to be BSA’s top of the line 500cc bike until 1962.

Information gathered from BSA-M24.com tells us that the road going models 496cc was achieved with a 82x94mm under square bore and stroke, and had a compression ratio of 7.75 to 1, with and optional 12.5:1 piston offered.  A  1 5/32” (30mm)Amal TT carb fed this big single giving around 29bhp. I wonder if this engine could hit 100mph? Magnesium Alloy (Elektron) was a metal that was used mostly on factory race bikes at the time because of its light weight, and the Gold Star offered its four speed gearbox in this precious metal for 1938 only.

One of only 266 first year for a starting bid of $72,000. The seller gives a little history.

This bike has been in this family since the early to mid 1940’s and has always raced as an outfit (sidecar) on both road racing and scrambles. At the moment it is set up as a solo with some of the fittings from its outfit days

The bike has been left in race trim with lights removed and number plate up front. I love the open megaphone muffler stuffed with something to keep mice out. The bike is offered with a nice list of spares if you are going to continue racing this bike. No information is given about the engine and what may have been changed to make it competitive.

Also with this bike and included in the price which will not be sold separated from the sale, is another JM24 gold star motor almost complete, BSA gearbox, a couple extra wheels, 19 inch rear, 19 inch front and 21inch front, a spare complete clutch assembly and other parts also.

To compare, The Vintagent has written about a previous Gold Star from Australia that was sold for $29,000 in November of last year. I don’t know if eBay is going to attract the bidders that the seller is hoping to get, especially with their apparent first sale.

and it should be in a glass case and shown to the public in musuems for old motor cycles


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