1952 BMW R67/2

After the big war in Europe the winners were able to tell the losers what they could or couldn’t do. When it came to BMW and their motorcycle production, they were told that they couldn’t build anything with more then one cylinder. This only last for a few years, but when they got back into the twin cylinder game again, BMW could only re-hash their pre-war designs. Not until 1951 were they able to put a new design (at least a new engine design) into show rooms. This 1952 R67/2 was one of the line up offered by BMW.

From the seller

This is one of those bikes that we all search for and hope to find. This is no neglected pig in a poke “barn find” full of expensive surprises. No Sir, this bike has been thoroughly gone through by the Pro’s with no mechanical aspect overlooked. It’s one of those bikes that has all the character and provenance of an original matching numbers bike with the renewed heart of a lion ! Not a Trailer Queen by any means, but an honest survivor with style, class and a new lease on life that is ready to ride. The Ultimate sidecar hauler

For 1951 BMW redesigned there flat twin cylinder and moved some of the external bits and pieces inside. The major, visual redesign was to move the generator from the top of the engine under the front cover. You also went from a points and coil ignition to a magneto ignition system. Quick updates and changes between 1951 and 1956 gave you the R67, the R67/2 and the final R67/3. All are visually the same with only the brake hubs changing from a half hub design to a full hub design.

The laundry list from the seller

The final analysis determined that a bike of this caliber warranted that we go deep into the motor and do things from scratch and that is exactly what happened. Complete bottom end. Crank and cam bearings, slingers, pistons, rings, cylinders, clutch, carbs and electrics were done by Barrington Motor Works. Everything was assessed and attended to. The heads were done by Randy Long.

All new everything else, cables, wiring harness, brakes, rubbers and a new Denfeld solo seat. Brand new fishtail exhaust and headers too ! New Battery that has never been filled or charged. Nothing was overlooked, everything works as it was designed, including horn & lights.

The seller points out that this bike was designed to haul a side car. Performance numbers are 28hp at 5600rpm generated by a 6.5:1 CR, a pair of  24mm Bings giving you a top speed of 90mph, and 68mph pulling a side car. During this time the R51/3 would have been sold to the single man, and in 1954 the R68 would have been sold to the single man with the money and desire to go 100mph.

The post war plunger rear suspension frames bikes from BMW are a very desired bike for collectors. It gives you some features that harkens back to the 1930’s, but with a little bid more modern engine. This 1952 R67/2 was the middle brother to the sportier R68, and the solo R51/3. What this allows you to do is nearly keep up with the sports crowd, or attach a sidecar and bring the family along. BB

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