1953 Triumph Tiger T100C

Start with one of these.

Add one of these,

And you get one of these.

This 1953 Triumph T100C Tiger is on sale now on eBay, and you don’t have to do any of the assembly. From the factory the Tiger T100 would come with lights, baffled mufflers and all the road going parts, and claimed to be a 100mph daily rider. But if you ordered the box of goodies you would get a “factory” race bike without being part of the Factory.As you can see, there is no suspension in the rear as the T100 did not get a rear swing arm with shocks until 1954.

From the seller

            I am the original owner of this rare bike, which is still in mint condition. Always garage kept, rarely seen even a rain shower since new. This bike comes with two engines, the rare T100C engine for road racing, and the T100 engine I build myself to play with as I wanted to keep the T100C engine as intact as possible. Runs and looks great. I have driven both engines very little, around 15 hours for both engines. 446 copies was made of the Tiger 100C engine and only two of them are located in Sweden, used for road racing and this is one of them.

Can you imagine the time and effort is would have taken to compile the parts list included in the “C” box?  But if the seller bought the bike from the factory in 1953 as claimed, all the parts should be there, plus a spare engine.  

More info on what’s inside

Motor no: 36682..New pistons Hipolait 8.5 compression ratio…New cylinder liners…Camshafts 31-34…Bonneville Crankshaft 650cc..Gearbox dense speed (original)…Sprocket Kit 1953, extra sprocket….Newly renovated Magnet Racing (ignition)

 The seller is in Sweden and I remember seeing this posted previously here on eBay, so I am guessing that there are some who are hesitant about buying from oversees. Personally if I found the money tomorrow, I would take the risk, because the reward is and iconic machine. BB

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2 Responses

  1. northwood says:

    Hate to be Debbie Downer, but the handlebars aren’t the same as the kit picture. Look like a cheap chinese buy off ebay. Cool bike though. I love my trumpet.