1953 Triumph Tunderbird Black Bird

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It is well know that the market drives the manufactures. What the public wants, the public gets, or they go get if from someone else. This 1953 Triumph Thunder Black Bird personifies this demand in multiple ways. Americans wanted a bigger bike from the British, so the Thunderbird was created with a 650cc engine, up from 500cc. Then there is the color, we Americans wanted to look tough, and the blues and reds offered by Triumph didn’t do it for us. So the U.S. only Black Bird came to be.

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From the seller

This beauty is a 100% restoration, using all original parts by the famous Bill Hoard and comes with a certificate signed by Bill. It won First Place at Amelia Island as the Most Historically Significant motorcycle. It is in perfect shape and has been a total of 308 miles. This is an absolute treasure and work of art. It is a 1953 Triumph 650cc 6T known as ” The Blackbird.”

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The Thunderbird was first offered in 1949. Designated the 6T by Triumph, the 650cc parallel twin was bored out from the T100 Tiger to feed the American appetite for more power. Many of the design were held over from the pre-war bikes. The single SU carb would later be replaced by a single, then dual Amal carbs. The rigid suspension was softened by a sprung rear hub. These are both present on this bike.

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The motorcycle culture in America can be traced back to Marlon Brando and the move The Wild Ones. Johnny became the iconic biker, causing trouble, and himself troubled. The motorcycle he rode was not from The Motor Company, but from Triumph. As the American Motorcycle culture developed and grew, this 1953 Triumph Thunderbird Black Bird would become one of its first imprints. All black and like Johnny rode. Now its your turn. BB


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