1957 MV Agusta Superpullman for Sale

1957 MV Agusta Superpullman R Front

Today, we view the Italian manufacturers like MV Agusta, Moto Guzzi, and Ducati as makers of high-end, relatively exotic performance bikes, and they’re certainly not doing anything to dissuade us from thinking that. But most of these Italian marques got their start or a very big boost at the end of World War II, supplying cheap and stylish transportation to a population devastated by war. So while racing was a real part of their heritage, and seriously sporting machines a part of their model line up, it was their less expensive offerings that were perhaps more important to the bottom line.

1957 MV Agusta Superpullman Controls

Bikes like this little MV Agusta Superpullman. Interestingly, this bike has little mechanically in common with the other small-displacement MV Agustas of this era, and in fact has little to do with the regular Pullman. This little two-stroke made about 6hp and put those ponies through a 4-speed box. MV made both two and four-stroke models and this particular bike was designed to bridge the gap between economical, unintimidating scooters and more sporting, practical motorcycles, much like the Moto Morini Corsarino we featured recently. The little Superpullman was priced competitively, but did not sell very well and was discontinued after only a few thousand were sold.

1957 MV Agusta Superpullman L Engine

From the original eBay listing: 1957 MV Agusta Superpullman for Sale
This really neat bike (one of only 3000 of this model ever produced) is ready for instant use, starts at first kick, is running and riding well (where everything on the bike works normal/like should!) and is, because of all the nice details, color-scheme and appearance just a pleasure to look at.
It has been restored very long time ago and is now showing light patina again. Some of the cromed parts are not nice, as on places some chrome has come off* (especially on the handlebar and exhaust-system, though both wheels and many other parts are ok!).
..*Basically this is a matter of having things re-chromed, or just to simply leave things like they are.
The paint is showing a very small scratch on top of the fuel-tank and furthermore a couple of really very small markings are visible on places, though these can, in case disturbing, easily be touched in.
Like often the case with these models has also on this bike the front-suspension been upgraded, where still today the telescopic and correct period MV Agusta front-fork is giving the machine excellent roadholding (as well as a very comfortable ride!).
1957 MV Agusta Superpullman R Rear

This example has lovely blue paint as opposed to the more familiar MV red and silver. The bike is currently titled in Belgium, so keep in mind it may not be very easy to check the bike out in person. But the listing is clearly written with very nice photographs and the seller seems motivated to sell it anywhere it can find the right buyer.

If you’re looking for something small and classy to decorate your livingroom, or a neat little weekend toy and don’t mind hunting up spares, this could be your bike!


1957 MV Agusta Superpullman L Side


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