1958 BSA Gold Star

If you are not going to be able to make the trip to Las Vegas when three large auction houses are going to role hundreds of bikes across the block, you still have the auction house called eBay to turn to. This 1958 BSA Gold Star is being offered right now, and will give you the same thrill of bidding, just without the travel, hotel, and bad buffet tables.

First offered in 1938, the BSA Gold Star was British Small Arms sporting single for close to thirty years. While BSA and others moved to twin cylinders, and later unit construction, this 500cc single was still offered, and was still at the top of the heap. With the final incarnation, the DBD34 offered 42bhp at 7000rpm, and a top speed of 110mph. The over square 85×88 bore and stroke had the latest and fastest bits to make it a contender in all types of racing even when production ended in 1963.

From the seller

stripe on tank painted not tape,…New tries…motor totally rebuilt by speed and sport in California …rod crank seals valves piston rings coil…everything redone….tach and speedo rebuilt in England….fresh chrome, polish etc everywhere…clear Kentucky title in my name..auction sales on these as much as $26,000.00 at midAmericain Vegas …a rare chance to own an appreciating classic…

As the seller states the Gold Star has seen its value go up substantially in the last few years. Some claim that this is because of “Car Guy” coming into motorcycles, better bang for the buck for people use to spending millions. This is likely a factor and I will be interested to see if this trend continues and those “Car Guys” show up in Vegas in force. If  you are someone who has lusted after a Gold Star for years, the time to pick one up might not be right, but I don’t think that it will be getting better. So you may have to click over and out bid your resources just so you can get in on the new ground floor. BB

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