1958 Ducati Mondial 125cc

One of the better know hybrid motorcycles is the Triton, which puts a Triumph motor in a Norton Frame. This bike now for sale on ebay is a Mondial engine stuck in a Ducati frame. Should we call is a Monducati?

 The seller tells us more about the period that the bike raced and less about the bike itself.

This exceptional motorcycle was built in the early 1960s as a club racer. Highly modified DUCATI frame fitted with a 1954 MONDIAL engine.  In October 1957 the F.I.M. (International Motorcycle Federation) banned “Dustbin” fairings from Grand Prix races but these full fairings were still used in club races where every little bit of extra speed was needed from these small capacity racers.

    Circuit racing in Europe in the early 60s was very popular inEuropebut most of these period race bikes have since gone to motorcycle heaven!    Restored several years ago and not raced since. 

 What I want to know about is the engine. Is it a overhead cam race proven engine? Is it a pedestrian push-rod? Its hard to say from the pictures provided, but I did find a picture of a 125cc Lusso of the same period and its engine looks different and less substantial. The other racing Mondial I was able to find has an obvious gear driven OHC engine, were this is likely push-rods found withing the cylinder.

FB Mondial had made motorcycles from 1948 until 1977, and whom ever edited a well know online encyclopedia implies that Mondial were producing high-quality race bikes when MV Augusta and Ducati were still in their infancy 2-stoke moped period. This online source also claims that Soichiro Honda purchased a Mondial as a goal for his own small motor company to emulate. Both great stories if true.

As a build I can see having a Ducati single frame laying around and looking for something to do with it. Plus having a common frame makes it eisier to find replacement parts. The tank on this bike appears to be a “Jelly Bean” tank that looks good on Ducati’s and looks great with the Dustbin.

 This is a very well presented, small displacement vintage race bike. We have seen lots of these bikes coming up for sale, but you don’t see a lot of them out on the road. Yes its hard when there is no kick-starter, brake or headlights, but it could still be done. The seller says that it is ready to display or race, lets hope that it’s the latter and not the former. BB

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  1. john mccormack says:

    Hello, Is the Mondial racer still for sale, what is the location, what is the price, any info appreciated, thank you, John.