1959 Velocette Venom

There are old saying which summarize a belief that if you do something well, continue to do that something. Velocette started making motorcycles in 1905, and except for some experiments with multiple cylinders, and a small scooter for woman, Velocette made very good single cylinder motorcycles. With icons like the KSS and its racing brother the KTT, the 500cc Venom was a successful Velocette single, which ended its days in the 1970’s with other British marquis. This 1959 Velocette Venom is one such single, and I would not be surprised if there is active and high bidding to obtain this simple single.

From the seller

1959 Velocette Venom 500cc single Matching Number bike. Has original British Registration Book and also documentation of former owners.  In very good condition, has older restoration. Overall a very clean and nice bike. Has been fitted with new Sparx electronic ignition system for magneto replacement.( Orginal Lucas  Magento included with the sale).   Starts well. Has a new and correct Amal carb monobloc.  Gas tank has been mechanical cleaned inside and relined with a ethanol resistant liner. Has typical oil weeps from primary cover. New tool kit included plus all Manuals and parts list.

Offered between 1955 and 1970, the Venom name was given to a wide range of tuned, 500cc single cylinder bikes. The 499cc OHV engine had a distinctive timing side cover which looks like a map of Africa because of the high possession of the cam in the engine. The higher the cams, the shorter the pushrods goes the thought process of Eugene Goodman. Numbers for the Venom are given at 34bhp at 6200 rpm, giving a top speed of 100mph. This number was  confirmed over 24hr on a concrete bowl in France in 1961.

Velocette offered a smaller 350cc engine, called the Viper, concurrently with the 500cc Venom, and you can often find Vipers that grew into Venoms over the course of their life. You could also find a Venom or two that would have some bits and bobs added to re-create the Clubman Venom, or maybe the top of the line Thruxton Venom.

This 1959 Venom looks nice and sorted with its shinny chrome tank and iconic fishtail exhaust. Velocette is often the lesser known of the multitude of British makers. But this does not mean they made a lesser product, or have a less dedicated following. Velocettes have continues to climb up the collectors wish lists, so this might be the last you will see before the end of the year. BB

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