1960 DBD34 Gold Star Clubman


A few days ago I had pointed out a rough BSA Gold Star available as a possible starting point. Today, this 1960 BSA Gold Star is offered up as the finished point. There are some changes from how it came to from the factory, but a Clubman was the bike you wanted if you wanted to race the streets around your home.


From the seller

This BSA BIG FIN single 500 GOLD STAR with Clubman’s Trim is a beautiful example of the British road race bikes of the late 50’s and early 60’s  with correct Vin #’s for 1960 bike has had a complete restoration to it all parts engine ,gages ,new Rims stainless steel spokes all mechanical parts. bike has been retro fitted with a 32mm Mikuni Carb jetted and tuned to bike  runs like a dream This is one of the bikes that dominated the TT races in early 50’s late 60’s  bike has been fitted with a Lytta aluminum fuel tank ,also a Taylor Dow superleggera steering dampener top yoke with Tommaselli clip on bars, Rear set foot controls  8″ side brakes  typical café racer upgrade from era  This bike is a genuine café racer bike is currently in private collection of vintage bikes


The first Gold Star was offered up in 1938 with the first improvements made in 1948. The final improvements, designated by the DBD, was offered in 1956 and continued until the final true Gold star in 1963. The DBD came with a 36mm Amal and was good for 110mph. This 1960 Gold Star has replaced the British carb with a smaller Mikuni, which likely will make it easier to start. BB


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