1962 BMW R69S Rennsport Replica

Whenever you see Rennsport attached to a BMW motorcycle you are supposed to remember BMW’s great racing history. Though this history is mostly before 1939 with the RS54 and achieved using supercharged engines, it is there and it does inspire BMW owners like myself.

The R69S was the Sport model from 1955-1969. It came from the factory with a sportier cam and high domed “Hemi” pistons, which gave it a 9.5 CR and 42 hp.

From the seller

  1962 BMW R69S Rennsport Replika, A Perry Bushong Rennsport replika based on a 1962 R69S evocative of the 1954 race bike built very limited numbers for racing.

The tank is larger then stock and made by Ernst Hoske. If you search long and hard you can also , or even find the Hoske name on mufflers, oil pan extensions and (on my personal wish list), Hoske wheels.

The Tachometer is also an upgrade that many BMW riders look for and are being reproduced so they are less difficult to find. The front wheel appears to be from a Suzuki GT750, a heavy but affordable four leading shoe brake. Along with the rear-sets the 4LS is a requirement to be a  racing replicas. Carburetion is upgraded from the 26mm Bing’s with what appear to be Dellorto or Keirn with air-pods, but not the sexy velocity stacks. Displacement from the factory was 72mm x 73mm for 594cc, so I am not sure that the quoted 690cc is accurate. There were big bore kits available, but they bumped the motor up to 750cc.

The asking price of $27,995 is high, but the text leaves it open to whether the bike is for sale or not.  BB

This bike is 1 of 1 built in a series of 11 replikas built, no two were identical. This replika is full of goodies, was owned by two very good Bob’s customer’s and recently acquired by Bob. Bob has not yet decided if it is for sale but inquiries and offers will be considered. The bike can be seen by appointment. 

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4 Responses

  1. Ed Johnson says:

    Very nice machine. Front brake is not the old Suzuki Waterbuffalo item though. It’s a Grimeca, still in production and a pretty decent front stopper

  2. Brian says:

    Thanks for the information.
    They are very similar in style, but I do think the Grimeca wins in weight.

  3. Jon-Lars says:

    Tarozzi rearsets, black-top Dellorto carbs, K&N air filters – nothing unobtanium there.
    I sure hope there;s a lot of internal engine and transmission work, for that price.

  4. Jon-Lars says:

    Oh, now I see that Bob’s BMW is the seller. Enough said.