1962 Velocette Clubman

The same seller who is offering the 1959 Velocette Viper has up for offer the bigger, badder brother. This 1962 Velocette Venom Clubman is the 500cc companion to the Viper, but with “Clubman” in the title, you get even a little more.


From the seller

Very nice bike in excellent condition. Running and roadworthy. Meticulous Owner, just serviced and ready to ride.


The Venom was offered from 1955 until 1970. Its 499cc OHV single in original form would give the rider 34bhp at 6200 rpm and top out at 100mph. The Clubman was offered in both the Viper and this Venom from 1960. Before it left the factory, the Clubman would get a bigger Amal TT carb, exchanged the Lucas magneto with an adjustable BTH racing mag. These combined with a higher compression piston raising the final compression to 9.3 to 1, created a bike that you could Club race, therefore a Clubman racer.

$_57 (1)

Along with the engine work, the bike came with rear-set foot controls, a close ratio gear box, and lower handle bars. A large front brake was available as well as a Megaphone exhaust to replace the more restrictive Fishtail that was Velocette.


As I had written about the Viper, Velocettes are a little less known by those who don’t covet them. The seller again is giving up 17 words and 3 pictures (of just two sides of the bike). This tells me that the seller knows his audience, and being someone who covets the Velocette Venom Clubman will keep an eye on this auction. BB


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2 Responses

  1. I have a 1960 Velocette Venom Clubman, and vintage biking doesn’t get any better. The word is out, and I think the price is very reasonable on this one. FYI, the Blufield 2LS front brake wasn’t introduced until ’67, although it works well, and it looks like the rims are Borannis or Akronts, where the original would have had Dunlop alloy rims, which are hen’s teeth now.

  2. Brian says:

    Thanks for the extra info. Having three Velocette’s up for auction makes me think the seller knows a thing or two about the marque, but is a man of few words. (less then 20)