1963 Bultaco TSS Road Racer






The seller has re-posted this bike in the last couple of weeks. We had first shown it back in November. Winters are hard to sell bikes, hoping with the sun the seller will find a buyer, and a buyer will take this TSS out to the track. BB


The Spanish Bultaco is know in the US as the maker of small displacement off road bike. In the Western states on any day a small 2-stroke, knobby tired bike which hasn’t been out of the shed in years is available for sale. What you will not find very often in the states is Bultaco’s offering to the road racers. This 1963 Bultaco TSS is a two stroke race bike, blue smoke, fairing and all.

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From the seller

Bultaco TSS Raod Racer.  Very very Limited production. Most consider them hand made. 274 were produced between 1963 and 1969.. This ia a six speed Model 6 Air cooled 125cc TSS raod racer. Comes with Full fairing. Sand cast motor showing how it was done “in the Day”. A hugh piece of History for Motorcycling when Bultaco was:” King ” of roadracing.

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Bultaco built their road racing bikes from 1960 through 1970, and offered it up in displacement from 125cc to 350cc. The company and its TSS were seen on the World Championship cuircuit from 1961 through 1969, first in the 125cc class, later racing the 250cc class racing  at a displacement disadvantage because of its 196cc displacement. Racing at the  24 hours of Barcelona, and the Grand Prix of France, Germany and Italy, they didn’t stand on the top step of the podium very often, but were competitive.

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As the seller stats this is an air cooled 125cc, but in 1965 Bultaco was able to add a radiator and water circulation. The air cooled 125cc were able to generate  20hp at 10,300rpm, but through development and the addition of the water jackets, the 125cc was later able to produce 27hp at 11,000 rpm. and by the end of production , 29hp at 11,500rpm was reached by this little 125cc smoker from Spain.

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Though the Bultaco TSS does not appear on most American’s radar today, in the 1960’s  Bo Behring was able to take 3rd place in the 1964 Grand Prix of the United States at Daytona in the  250cc class. Before the Japanese dominated 2-stroke Grand Prix racing, this 1963 Bultaco TSS smoker was world class, and can now be yours. BB

(PS for those of our readers in the Southern Hemisphere, here is a Water Cooled ex-factory 250cc TSS for sale)

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