1963 Honda CR93 4-valve race bike

When I look at a race bike I always think that I could start vintage racing. All you need is the bike right? Forget about the transporter, the spares, the leathers, the skills. I think that vintage racing would be that much easier because the technology is much more simple. Just me, a 10mm wrench, gas and oil. Then I realize that I have no idea what I am talking about, and just keep looking.

This is the full faring 125cc race bike. It falls between the CR110 50cc bike and the 250cc CR72. Like all small displacement demons the numbers are deceiving. Offered both for the road and as a racer, I found numbers like 124.8cc, 43mm x 43mm bore and stroke,  4 valves per cylinder, overhead cam, 10.2 CR, wet sump, with kick start delete for the racer.  5 speed gear box turning the engine 11,500 rpm in original road going version or 13,000 rpm for the racer. This gets you and somewhere between 16.5 and 22 bhp.

Quote from the listing:


This is a fully restored 1963 Honda CR93 race version. It is a very correct example with rare matching frame and engine numbers (early 1963). It comes with a California title, 5-piece fiberglass fairing, carburetor bungs and megaphone bungs. It is in show condition. Engine has been started since total rebuild for timing purposes, but it has not been ridden since the restoration was completed. Seat cover is original and has minor repairs. Tires are vintage 1960s in correct tread patterns. Can supply copies of manuals if needed. Have a wooden crate if needed for shipping.    

When you do take this out racing, you will need to replace some of those parts, and what I like about some manufactures is that they are organized enough to have a parts list for their pukka racers. I don’t know about you, but before I take anything apart, I like to be able to use the “x-ray” parts drawing to give me a heads up on those small parts attached to springs that will shot it across the room. This bike comes with a California title, so you might check the parts list for headlight and tail lights.

So if you need to go racing, have a 10mm wrench and even just a small family van, make sure that you put in your bid .


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