1963 Honda CR93 Grand Prix racer


1963 Honda CR93 Benly
Claimed power:
 18hp @ 12,500rpm
Top speed: 100mph
Engine: 124.8cc air-cooled DOHC parallel twin
Fuel capacity: 2.2 gal (8.4ltr)
Price then/now: $1,400 (approx.)/ NA

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How many people knew that Soichiro Honda first got into the manufacture industry with a foundry that made piston rings? It wasn’t until 1949 that Honda made its first motorcycle, and that Mr Honda was a racer at heart. But it wasn’t until a visit to the Isle of Man that the force that would become Honda declared that they would go racing as a factory. Luckely, they did not forget their customers, and this 1963 CR93 was something that trickled down to the privateer.

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From the seller

In 1962 and 63 Honda graciously offered a very limited production 125 racer available to the public.  These were close copies of their fabulous Works RC Grand Prix machines.  These bikes were both extremely expensive as well as rare. Many were ridden alongside the Honda Factory Works racers with the CR93 scoring many a victory.  These legendary racers were well known for their reliability and longevity, along with their amazingly thunderous shrill scream generated from their tuned twin megaphone exhaust.  The design of these CR machines were way ahead of their time.  Even today they would be considered state of art with their gear driven twin overhead camshafts and featuring 4 valves per cylinder.  Pretty standard features in today’s performance supercars.  The CR93’s precision engine could attain revs as high as 14,000 RPM, very remarkable for a 4 stroke engine.  With it’s dry clutch, magnesium brakes, alloy rims, tank and seat  all combined makes this a very special and exciting machine.

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More from the seller

This particular racer was brought out of a large motorcycle collection in Holland.  It was delivered to Japan where it underwent a restoration.  Remarkably correct sporting all of it’s original parts including original seat cover, perfect alloy tank and original numbered stamped alloy rims. Rare Factory Works RC 145 rear shocks.  Original to the frame engine.  Currently drained of fluids for shipping or indoor display.  Includes chrome stand, carburetor and megaphone plugs.  Also included is a copy of the parts manual and riding/tunning information.  Listed on the Honda CR93 registry.  If one desired to race this machine, fitment of new and modern race tires is recommended.  Tires currently fitted are period style and look new but are over five years old and could be unsafe at high speeds.

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If you are to win this 1963 Honda CR93, not only will you get a racing motorcycle, but a link to the history that is Honda Racing. One man, who had a manufacturing power base wanted to go racing. He started small, in displacement, and resources. But where Honda is now on the world stage, can be linked through one of the 150-200 CR93 offered to the general public, to win and show that Honda is a winner. BB

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2 Responses

  1. Sweet ride with a cute name. Benly, when pronounced as it would be in Japanese, becomes 便利, meaning ‘convenient’. I guess Honda was making it convenient for their customers to have a winning steed.

  2. Jess says:

    Way to cool!!! Amazing engineering for 1963!!!