1965 Ducati Monza 250


How big is too big? This not a question about the size of the bike or its engine, but wondering how tall is too tall to ride a single cylinder Ducati. This 1965 Ducati Monza is up for auction now and there are 17 bid with 2 days left. I am wondering what the mean height of the bidder is? I am average I think at 5’ 10” and can fit comfortably on most bikes, but I am asking riders over 6’ if they would bid on a motorcycle which might be a little cramped. The Ducati singles drove the company in the years before the 750SS and did it very well as shown by the active bidding on this bike.


From the seller

1965 Ducati Monza 250 bitsa bike or Cafe Racer.  Frame sandblasted and painted.  The fenders are fiberglass.  New Excell aluminum rims with stainless steel spokes and nipples.  New Avon tires.  New rear shocks.  New fork seals.  New stator, flywheel and regulator rectifier from Electrex from England.  The electrical system is now 12 volts.  All the wiring and fuse block is new.  The new ignition is Pazon from New Zealand with a new Dyna ignition coil.  The fuel tank and seat metal work is new hand made aluminum with a flip up vintage style fuel cap.  The carb is a new Dellorto PHBH 30mm with a screened velocity stack.  The kick start engagement spring has been converted from the original leaf to a coil spring.  It has a new Veglia reproduction racing tach.  The new rear sets feature a flip up toe in the brake lever for the kicker clearance.  Aside from the already mentioned engine improvements the engine is said to have a new piston and rings.  It was obtained complete.  Interesting to note is that there is a thin spacer between a pair of base gaskets under the cylinder.  Head or cylinder milled? High compression piston?  Kicker compression is 165 psi.  It seems fine with premium pump fuel.  Various parts like the hubs, covers on the engine, top triple clamp and lower forks have been polished a bit.  For the non informed this bike is a left side kick, right side shift with the reverse or GP shift pattern.  It is a 5 speed. There is a new rear aluminum sprocket and gold chain.


There appears to be some attention made to the engine to give it a little more then from the factory. Having a 30mm Carb on a 250 single tells me that the engine is inspired and able to handle the extra fuel/air (maybe a little lean looking at the blue on the exhaust?) to generate a little bigger explosion to translate to the rear wheel. But back to the question, how many tall people will be willing to wear this small 1965 Ducati Monza, because it looks like a great road racer? BB



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