1965 Norton Atlas for Sale

The Norton Atlas was a development of the Dominator and was originally designed for export to the US to sate our hunger for bigger engines and moar power.  Featuring a bored-out, low-compression version of the 500cc Dominator motor and fed by a single Amal carb, the big-bore version produced a healthy 55hp but vibrated excessively when rigidly mounted in the frame.  This vibration was a serious problem and led to the development of the “isolastic” mounting system of the Commando that used a series of elastic rubber bushes to isolate the big parallel twin’s significant vibration.

Click the link to see the original eBay listing: 1965 Norton Atlas for Sale.







This bike is decked out in a beautiful silver and black paint scheme intended to evoke the earlier Norton Manx single-cylinder race bikes and the effect is very flattering.  The owner is clearly an enthusiast and the original add includes a comprehensive list of parts and work that has been done:

Alternator, Exhaust Pipes, Custom footpegs.

New handlebars, headlamp,  Custom Mudguards(front and rear)

Custom alloy oil tank and custom alloy Gas tank(all Alloy parts custom hand made in Atlanta)

New rear lamp and new rear suspension units.

Custom seat(Alloy again) in Manx style.

New speedometer(shows 0 miles, but rebuilt engine has been run in before the speedo was installed, so she is good to ride straight off)

New switches and wiring.

Throttle cable and throttle new.

Headlamp holder(brackets).

Custom Alloy instrument brackets.

New mufflers(bike sounds great, listen to the bike in one of the videos)

New tires(front is a Barracuda and back is a Dunlap)

Carbs have been rebuilt as have the front forks and magneto(bike does not use a battery)

Frame and many other parts have been powdercoated(really adds to the neat overall appearance of the bike)

4 speed transmission was found to be in good nick and it shifts well.

This has got to be one of the coolest bikes on Ebay.  It’s worth it for the custom alloy parts and the slimline Featherbed frame alone !







He’s also included several nice video clips of the bike starting and running:

Norton Start From Cold

Norton Idle and Rev

At the time of this writing, there are no bids on this bike, but I’d expect that to change: this is an extremely classy bike, ready to vibrate its adoring new owner’s hands into glorious numbness!



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