1965 Norton Atlas

Norton had been making motorcycles since 1902, and the “Norton Winning Way” described how successful Norton had been. For the Model year 1962 Norton rolled out at 750cc rocket called the Atlas. This 1965 Norton Atlas has made it through the last 50 years, and is offered today modified to the sellers vision, and understands that the new buyer might have different ideas.

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From the seller

I am selling my 1965 Norton Atlas. This is a very special bike and has had a lot of really great people’s time, blood, sweat and tears put into it over the past few years. The bike was re-built from the ground up and every piece on it was hand picked with specific reasons and a specific purpose. …First thing I want to mention about this bike is that it starts from cold on the first kick, EVERY TIME. It has great compression and sounds amazing and having it fire up on the first kick is always a good feeling and leaves guys with modern bikes shaking their heads.


Norton’s Burt Hopwood had designed a vertical twin to match the parallel twins most British manufactures were offering. First appearing as the 497cc Dominator, by 1962 the Atlas motor had been bored and stroked to 745cc. Like others had done, Norton saw the buying power of North America, and more power is what was wanted, so more CC’s are what Norton gave them. Oh and did North America want those CC’s a shakin’?



More from the seller

Front brake has been upgraded to a commando disc brake for increased stopping power and safety, maintaining the stock Atlas yokes with Commando Roadholder tubes and forks. New Avon tires were put on during rebuild and have the same mileage on them as the motor.

A few other things the bike features are:

• Dunstall clip-on bars (rare)

• Tommaselli throttle

• Magura grips

• Magura clutch lever

• Brembo master cylinder and brake lever from Colorado Norton Works

• Smiths gray face gauges

• Swept back pipes (very hard to find, rarely in stock anywhere)

• Rear sets

• Milled and upgraded gear box cover and kick start seal

• Super blend bearings all around,

• Tommaselli headlight ears

• Aluminum front and read fender from Clubman

• New custom leather seat

• New rear shocks

• Rebuilt front shocks

• New Fork Seals

• New tank rubbers

• New gas cap

• Freshly lined tank

• New rear frame loop from Clubman

• New rear tail light

• Reverse cone mufflers

• Fresh bulbs in tail light and head light

• Recently serviced transmission

• New Napoleon Bar End Side Mirrors

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The Norton Winning ways had begun with a single cylinder, OHC engine which out classed the competition. As Norton fell behind in engine development, it was able to use the Featherbed frame designed by Rex and Cromie McCandless, which gave Norton a helping hand to stay ahead of the competition. The Atlas jointed the big 750cc engine with the Featherbed frame, giving power and road holding. Growing pains were felt by the Atlas, and from first production, to final production in 1968, the Atlas lost HP, and RPM’s in an attempt to remove vibration. The seller of this 1965 Norton Atlas had a vision, and as the bike sits, it is a very well put together café racer. If you are interested in the bike, check out the sellers other requests and statements as they are ready to pass on their vision. BB

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