1965 Velocette Venom to Thuxton

Could this be a reminder of the previous years of Vintage Motorcycle Collecting? A time when money was not an issue? When replacing everything with brand new parts was the norm? When you painted it, shined it, and put it aside to look at was what everyone wanted to do to Vintage motorcycles. This 1965 Velocette Venom cum Thruxton appears to have gone through that process and now is up for sale with a reserve still attached at $15,000 and a buy it now of $26,500.

From the seller

This motorcycle started out as a 1965 Velocette Venom Clubman. It only had 1700 miles on it when I got it but had burnt a piston. It has had a FULL frame up restoration with many performance up grades and Thruxton parts:

-motor has new piston

-new Thruxton head with valves and springs

-new megacycle cam

-re-ground Thruxton cam followers (unique to Thruxton)

-new Amal GP carb

-Restored Lucas magneto

-new Alton alternator

-new electronic regulator

-new belt drive primary

-new clutch

-new Quaife five speed gear cluster, gearbox built by Dave Smith, noted Velo expert

-Thruxton front brake

-New alloy flanged rims and SS spokes by Buchanans


-New chain

-new wiring

-restored Smiths gauges

-Thruxton tank, show paint work

-New Thruxton seat

-Thruxton SS fenders

-All new cables and controls

-new wiring loom

A lot of these new parts were added in bringing the original Velocette Venom up to Thruxton specs. But what was lost when the conversion was made? What was gained.

The Venom was offered by Velocette from 1955 to 1970 as the 500cc (499cc) offering from the Velo fellows. Top speed was advertised at 100mph from and engine that generated 34bhp at 6200rpm as tuned. The Venom was able to back up these numbers by setting a 500cc 24hr record of  100mph that it holds to this day.

The Thruxton specs which were pursued by the builder/restorer were similar. Offered first in 1965, Velocette lead designer Bertie Goodman (from the family who owned Velocette) changed the cylinder head for the Thruxton to bring it closer to the race prepped bikes. Larger valves, a down draught Amal GP carb would generate an additional 7bhp and push the top speed to 110mph. Not a small change when it comes to a single cylinder with the same 499cc displacement.

The seller adds

This motorcycle is in show condition and all restored, it has compression, oil, and spark BUT IT IS NOT READY TO RIDE!! Since restoration it has never been started and has sat indoors in a museum. I would think one or two days of work by a Velo expert making the final adjustments and it would be ready to go. This is a show bike that could be quickly made into a classic canyon carver…

So what you are bidding on is a 1965 Velocette Venom that has gone through a complete/incomplete restoration into a 1965 Velocette Venom with Thruxton Specs. All shined up and ready for the finishing touches. Or putting it aside to look at like bikes of a not so distant past. BB

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