1967 Harley-Davidson rolling chassis


This might be a first for Classic Sports Bikes For Sale, a 1967 Harley-Davidson Road Racing rolling chassis, add your own engine. Would you call it plug and play? Plug in your engine and go play?

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From the seller

Believed to be Harley-Davidson KR, part #’s on Frame and Motor Mount indicate 1967 Vintage. Roller minus motor, cables, wiring, oil tank, etc., etc. Barn find project Never been completely assembled.  EBay fill-in forms made me say it had a clear title – there is NO title.  They also made me say it was new – it is NOT new.  It has been sitting for years and years.  Can help with shipping at buyer’s expense, International buyers welcome. Seller assumes No responsibility once the Item has left the sellers care and custody. I reserve the right to end this auction early

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Now it is going to be a lot more then just plug and play to get this to the track. But there is so much here on this Harley-Davidson road racing rolling chassis; Full fairing, seat, front and rear tires and wheels. I would guess that you could take most years Sportsters and with little effort change it into a very nice road racing replica. BB

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From the Comment Section it was added that this frame will only accept K model engines. Road going K Sportsters, or maybe this K Flathead which appears to have a racing background.


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5 Responses

  1. Kerry says:

    FWIW any K model based frame will not take a sportster engine. The Ironhead sporty is too tall, and if that is indeed a real KR frame then it requires a K model engine, prefferably a KR or KK. Standard K model Road bike frames will not take an Ironhead engine either. The Good news is that harley frames made earlier than 1971 do not have vin numbers, which means if you buy a K model Road bike engine (like a K, KK, or KH) you can use the engine vin to obtain registration. However it would be a terrible waste of a road racing frame if it is an actual Factory KR road race frame.

  2. Brian says:

    Thanks for the info. Taking a quick look, there is this Harley K engine for sale. Which do you think will go for more?

  3. Kerry says:

    Hard to say which is worth more Brian. There are a lot of people who are nostalgic for the K model street bikes, but when it comes to Harley racing all anybody wants to talk about is Alloy headed XRs. The collectors/racers who care about Harley’s racing heritage with the flathead are a very small group and something without paperwork or a provenance isn’t going to bring the big spenders out for a project. There is just a larger market and more money floating around for restored 1950’s street bikes which are approachable to the average rider. That being said, once you are in the inner circles of harley road racing enthuasists it isn’t hard to come up with the necessary parts to finish the KRTT project at a fraction of the cost. I know for a fact that if I picked up that KR TT roller I could have what I need engine wise for half of what that ebay K model engine is selling for and in better shape too and I am a nobody with access to the right phone numbers.

    Something else I should mention about HD’s since that K model ebay auction brought it up….There is a huge difference between a harley race engine and an engine with a race background. A real harley race engine (WR, KR, XR, etc…) is going to have a roller bearing crank where as the street bikes will all have plain bearings (ideally they should have a 1/2 speed oil pump as well). Lots of guys raced their street bikes way back when and it wasn’t a big deal to fudge stamped numbers to ordinary cases, or vice versa (I have seen a few Iron XR engines with XL serial numbers so they could be street registered or run in production classes). Anybody buying high performance vintage harley parts should be well informed about what to look for to avoid getting a plain jane K or KH street motor with an homemade external starter mount and nothing else for KK or KR money.

  4. Kerry says:

    this is one of the best websites for old Harley racing info:


    Reading Jessie O’Brien’s account of the good old days will really give people a feel for the way things were.

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