1968 Bultaco TSS 125cc


125cc is really small, but this 1968 Bultaco TSS 125cc racer will ride a little bit bigger I would imagine. A factory bike given to a Factory rider? Mollory campaigned a 125cc, 250cc and 350cc Bultaco in 1968. When you look Ginger Molloy up in Wikipedia you do see he rode a Bultaco to 3rd place in 1968. And that is with only three finishes. With the 250cc and 350cc he recorded 6 finishes for a 5th place and 3 finishes for a 5th place respectively.

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 From the seller

This motorcycle has been restore by Ginger Molloy. Frame, petrol and faring have been repainted to 

Original owner.  Ginger was placed third on this motorcycle in the 125cc FIM World Championships. Purchaser would also receive the FIM medal won by Ginger.
This bike is a factory prepared works Bultaco that has been in my possession since 1968.
Shipping and payment:  Ginger will arrange crating and shipping through Jenner Cargo, or other shipping firm selected by purchaser.

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So this 1968 Bultaco TSS 125cc bike spent time in New Zealand were you would have to ship it from. But also traveled to Spain, the Netherlands’ and Ireland. It doesn’t appear to have made it to the Isle of Man, as no results for Molloy in the 125, 250, or 350 classes. I have been seeing a lot of racing Bultaco’s coming up for Auction. This 1968 Bultaco TSS 125cc is the only one I remember to have a rider and results attached to it. Bultaco was in at the beginning of the 2-stroke evolution in Grand Prix racing. They did not dominate, but they did show up on the Podium, and now is your chance to throw a leg over one of those podium finishers. When will you be able to do that again? BB 

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