1968 Triumph Bonneville with Dunstall

This British Racing Green Dunstall did not appear to have sold last month, it is available again with a buy it now of $10,00. If anyone saw the ending bid of the last auction, you can add it to the comments to let possible bidders know what they might have to bid to bring this one home.

We have shown a few Triumphs her at CSBFS, and we have shown a few Dunstall equipped bikes as well. I am a fan of small, independent aftermarket manufactures that can take a good bike and make it better. Dustall is a man, Paul is his first name, who went out and raced his bike and was able to make a profit at it. What he learned on his own bike he offered up to others. This 1968 Triumph Bonneville offered on eBay now takes advantage of what Paul did, and the future owner is going to be better for it.

From the seller

This is a beautiful matching number 68’ Bonneville with original Paul Dunstall tank, seat, fenders, and fairing. All Dunstall parts are in perfect condition and NEVER damaged. The Ceriani front forks with clip on bars makes the bike handle like it’s on rails. A steering dampener was added for additional safety. The pipes are by Raymond Hyde, and the mufflers are by SuperTrap. The tires are Bridgestone Battlax 100/90-V19 & 120/90-V18

I often try to get some performance numbers for bikes we highlight, but this is becoming difficult. I am not going to criticize, because I would do the same thing. As people are resurrecting these Classic Bikes they are taking advantage of today’s technology, and today’s aftermarket providers to make them better. Bigger, faster, stronger; Kind of like the Steve Austin.

Here are a few things inside the engine.

Engine specifications:

750 big bore kit

Carrillo rods

JE pistons

Megacycle cam

4 valve oil pump

Boyer electronic ignition

Balanced pistons, rods, and crank  shaft

Amal concentric Carbs

Mechanical oil pressure gage

Transmission has been converted to a 5 speed

This Bonneville offered up on eBay now was written up in a classic motorcycle magazine. Looking at the pictures and reading the work that has been done, I can see why. The nice thing about eBay, is that the new owner can now say they own a magazine bike, without having to have spent the time, money and energy to get it to Magazine quality. All you need is the cash. Good Luck. BB

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