1969 Ducati 450 Desmo Silver Shotgun

Before Ducati took off with the likes of the 750SS and 900SS, they were a company which relied on a single cylinder to drive their sales. Starting in the mid 1950’s Ducati had developed a way to spin their single cylinders into the 10,000 rpm range with a little thing called Desmodromic valves. By 1968 they had included this neat little item to the 250cc and 350cc road bike, and after overcoming some bottom end problems, Ducati stretched things out, and offered up this 450cc Silver Shotgun. Over Square, and active valve control was a hit.

From the seller


With its loud exhaust and open carburetor, the ‘Silver Shotgun’ represented the end of an era for sporting Italian motorcycles, with production coming to a halt in 1974. This is a rare bike that has never been started or had gasoline in the tank.  The bike was perfectly restored by Henry Hogben of Canada and is truly a treasure.The decal needs to be replaced (which I have).  Frame number DM450M3*700573; motor number DM450 458183

By 1968 the Ducati single had grown to become designated as the Mach 3 and was offered in a wide range of tune and accessories. At the top of the range where the 450cc R/T, which was developed once again to accommodate the need for US riders to go out into the woods. For those wanting to stay on the road, the top of the line Café racer offered from Ducati was the Silver Shotgun. With 27hp at 6700rpm and a top speed of  98mph, the glittering silver bike was able to keep up with competition that may have had more cylinders.

What you would get with your silver paint were rear set foot controls, clip on handle bars, larger 35mm Marzoocchi forks and a fiberglass bum stop seat and gas tank. Later outlawed, the tank would be replaced with a steel one to be allowed to be sold in the US. Up front Grimeca double sided single leading shoes would slow down rider and motorcycle. The seller claims an open Carb, but the picture show an enclosed air filter.

A couple things you will want to check out prior to making a bid on this 1969 Silver Shotgun from Ducati. The information I found shows that the Silver Shotgun wasn’t offered until 1971. The fiberglass tank was also outlawed during its run, so changes had to be made prior to selling the bikes in the US. There apparently was also a dispute between US dealers and the factory during this time, so along with limited numbers produced, fewer happened to land on our shores because of a little dispute. But 450cc of Desmo engine will be a thrill any way to cut it. BB

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