1969 Honda CB750KO

This bike was the beginning of the end of British motorcycles and changed the industry as a whole. It raised the expectations of the buyer by giving them an over head cam engine, 5 speed transmission, disk brakes, electric start, and an oil tight engine. Before 1969 you could not expect any of these unless you rode a factory race bike. The only American manufacture still racing a Flathead motor at a National level. The British 650cc parallel twin would leave more oil on the floor then Joseph Hazelwood left in Alaska. The CB750 was different, but in a good way.

If bikes had baseball card, the back of the CB750 card would be something like this.

736.5cc/67bhp/8000rpm good for a top speed of 120mph.

Dick Mann taking a CB750 to the top step of the Daytona podium in 1970 backed up those number.

This bike is a very early model, just missing the special sand cast label as explained by the seller

The bike is only a few hundred numbers off the last sand cast KO model and it is listed in the CB750 Sand-cast owners club web site. It has all the features of the sand-cast model including the wrinkle tank

The group cb750sandcastonly say that they are not elites and allow non sand cast CB750. Hemming Motors said in their 2006 article that the sand cast models will go in the low 5 figures. After watching Hawaii Five-0, in 2011.

More from the seller

Every nut and bolt was removed from the bike and cleaned and shined. The bike was professionally repainted with factory correct Candy Ruby Red Color Rite paint. The bike is 100% original down to the KO exhaust with no numbers. It also has new period correct Dunlop tires and a new battery.I could go on and on about how beautiful this bike is but I think its best to just let the pictures do the talking…..

and they are nice pictures    BB

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