1969 Rob North Triumph Trident

We have already shown one Triumph Trident triple here on CSBFS, a factory first custom with unique body work. This Triumph Trident is unique in how it is held together.

In motorcycle racing, frame development has often been behind engine development, and a successful race engine was held together by a successful race frame. When the Triumph Trident and BSA Rocket 3 cylinder engine went racing they hired Rob North to develop the frame.

The seller gives us almost no information about the bike:

original triumph trident Rob North racer.. Not a replica a rear piece of racing history ..phone calls only please serious inquires only

I have to wonder what the sellers definition of “original”. Do they mean the frame only? The frame and body work? Or is this one of the first Factory bikes?

I am a huge fan of the four leading shoe front brake, but am surprised to see the rear disk brake. The fairing, tank and seat are a great combination of style and function and appear to be the same as images found when researching Rob North. The color might not been everyone’s favorite, but it appears that this is a “traditional” color that is similar to the factory colors of the time. Some close ups of the frame show what is necessary to make a rigid race frame.

The name Rob North has been sold twice since Rob North, the person who developed this frame for Triumph, first to Miles Engineering and current trademark holder Trident MCS.  You can buy a new Rob North frame for your Trident or Rocket3. Later Rob North the man worked with Butler & Smith on their Superbike Championship R90S.

We here at CSBFS love to share these great bikes with our readers, but as always, do your homework before investing in a bike, especially when there is limited information given by the seller. The same bike appears to be offered in Portland OR with some pictures and New York with the same pictures plus others. The phone numbers given appear to be for the Portland area, and for Atlanta GA.


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6 Responses

  1. Steve Lang says:

    As far as the front brake goes, it looks like it came off an early 70’s YamahaTZ 250/350. The bike looks pretty nice overall and is a Nixon replica tribite. Lots of questions could be answered by a potential buyer by calling Rob North himself. He’s in San Diego and a really nice man (411). If you have never heard one of these screaming down a straightaway at redline, you have never lived. Unblievable!

  2. Alwood Williams says:

    This is at least the second time in about three weeks you sent the same item. I enjoy recieving posts but; Please don’t waiste our time with repeats. I know for sure that even Mr. Lang’s comments were included in the previous post.

  3. paul piskor says:

    I heard that Rob North got the same amount from Triumph as he got for supposedely selling his name? NOTHING!!!

  4. keith gibbons says:

    I have an early North Triumph frame and spoke to him recently. he confirmed he received nothing for the rights to the frame design.

  5. keith gibbons says:

    my frame was sold as a copy of the triple frame made smaller to accomodate a twin cyl engine but turns out to be possibly the oldest R.N. triumph frame and the father of them all.

    The front brake on the above bike looks like the correct Fontana to me

  6. Brian says:

    I hope someone, somewhere is talking to people like Rob North, those at the edge of motorcycle manufacturing that had such an impact, but never got the recognition.