1971 Triumph Tiger


Motorcycles have a style, and with all style, they change. One year its choppers, the next its café racers, and the next its bone stock. Triumphs have always been a motorcycle which can take on all these styles. We focus on the sporting side of the spectrum, and this 1971 Triumph Tiger have all the styling cues of a classic café racer.

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From the seller

Item for bid is 1971 Triumph Tiger 650 4 Speed, set up as Cafe Racer. I am original owner of this bike, now selling to downsize collection. Solid “old school” cafe racer built before the current craze.

Bike has around 1000 miles on it since a 2003 total motor and transmission rebuild which included:


$_57 (4)

.. .020″ overbore/pistons

..all new bearings/seals


..several transmission gears

..Morgo racing oil pump

..primary chain

..clutch center/steel plates

..Boyer ignition

..Podtronics regulator

..coils/plug wires

..Sludge Trap cleanout

..camplate leaf spring was converted to old style “plunger type”


$_57 (3)

Bike also features:

..Unity Equipe fiberglass tank

..Thruxton Style fiberglass seat

..NJB racing shocks

..Tommaselli Levers

..SRM Bearing Pressure Plate

..Sammy Miller folding kick

..Clubman Bars

$_57 (2)

..Also NEW in 2014:

..Transmission sprocket

..Rear Chain

..Speedo Drive Unit

..Barnett Clutch plates

..Caswell seal of gas tank for ethanol fuel

$_57 (5)

The first generation of café racers were the ones build by the owners. These owners wanted to emulate the motorcycles that they saw racing on the track. They started with what ever they had, removed what they didn’t need, and used what they could get their hands on to complete their vision. Second generation café racers are those built with parts manufactured specific to a style, and marketed to motorcyclist. Paul Dunstall made parts for motorcycles which added style as well as performance. The tank and seat are inspired by endurance racing bikes, but manufactures for the road. Along with the tank and seat, the smaller parts like the rear-sets, kick starter, and bars, all give this 1971 Triumph Tiger the look. BB

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