1972 BMW R-Series for Sale

1972 BMW R50 R Side

Pricing on vintage cars and bikes is obviously unconnected with the utility they provide, as these machines are often used as toys and weekend hobbies as older folks find themselves with a bit of disposable income and the space to keep luxury items.  Or they’re purchased by people looking back to an age they never knew, drawn to the more “honest” mechanical character these simpler machines sometimes represent.  And as we look back to our youths, we naturally gravitate towards the sexiest machines from whatever era we’re looking to revisit.

BMW motorcycles are not particularly “sexy”, but they do exude the mechanical charm and quirky character of a past era, and they’re extremely well-built and practical, to boot: “usable classics” in the best sense of the term.

And unless you’re looking at the rarest of the rare, they’re still pretty affordable, making them much more appealing if you’re in the market for a cool vintage bike on a limited budget.

1972 BMW R50 Dash

This machine appears to be an R 50/5, sporting a 500cc motor that put out about 32hp through a 4-speed box and could push the 450lb machine to a top speed of about 85mph.  Certainly no road-burner, but capable of keeping up with modern traffic.  Brakes on some of these older BMW’s can be a little suspect, even when compared to contemporary machines, and it might be best that this machine can only achieve modest velocities.

This particular bike has some minor mechanical faults, but that should hopefully keep bidding down and give the new owner some simple projects to help them get to know their new ride.  Or just ignore them and go somewhere.

1972 BMW R50 Extras

From the original Listing, 1972 BMW R-Series:

A 1972 BMW that has performed flawlessly for me.  I bought it from a neighbor that is very technical oriented and it came with extra parts and two, 3 ring shop manuals.  This bike has the touring luggage that snaps on and off and when off that are like suitcases.  Not mounted are the engine bars, shown in the pics. Very reliable and has electric start.  The front fender is cracked, but repaired, the tachometer needs to be wired, and there is a small tear in the seat.  Everything else is functional and licensed.  An enjoyable bike for cruising around or keeping as a collectable.

With just a couple days to go, the bidding is up to just $2,100.00. This looks like a very fun, very inexpensive and non-threatening way to get into classic motorcycling.  With the slick lockable luggage, the machine should be great for light-duty touring and real riding if you don’t spend too much time on modern highways and be relatively reliable once the small faults are fixed.


1972 BMW R50 L Side

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