1972 Kawasaki H2: All original complete restoration….wait, what?

If a bike has been restored it’s not original. Maybe it’s just my opinion but seems like fact to me. I’m not bagging on restores because I appreciate the work that goes into looking for those specific parts and bringing a once dead bike back to it’s glory. If I were working a big collection I’d prefer the survivors over the restores but that’s just me being a blow hard, lets talk smokers. The H2 is a very sought after death machine from the 1970’s. This particular oil drinker is super clean and could easily be put right into a museum. I’d rather ride it.

The seller leaves his phone number in the add and I suggest you prepare a list of questions because his description is very short with very few details. Details like “is that mileage original or restoration?” hehe

Here’s what he says…

1972 Kawasaki H2. All original. Recent complete professional restoration to original factory specifications and condition. This motorcycle is in perfect cosmetic and mechanical condition.

To digress from my earlier blatherings… This bike is so clean. It’s so clean I would eat off of it. That’s right I said I would, not could, and it wasn’t a typo. I’ve only seen a few this clean and “original” in my whole life. If the engine has been gone through and everything works like the seller states this bike would be the perfect “only on sunny Sundays” bike. You can even two-up on these bikes so your significant other wouldn’t be left behind.
I’ve seen these H2’s going for $5-6000 recently but none of the ones I have seen were done to this level. I’m watching this auction just to see how high the winning bid will be. If you’re a geek like me, or if you’ve got an extra few K to throw around, check it out.


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