1972 Laverda 750 SF For Sale

Much as I admire the SFC I’d written about previously, I’m unlikely to own a $40k motorcycle anytime soon, and I’m not sure that an SFC would be the one I’d want if I did have that kind of cash to spend on a vintage bike…

1972 Laverda 750 SF For Sale

Now these less exotic Laverda twins I’ve admired for a while, and I’ve even seriously considered buying when I can find them to drool over.  I might keep an eye on this particular bike, although I’m really holding out for one of the triples…  Unfortunately, the three-pot Laverdas are as rare as hen’s teeth in these parts, and the Jota’s are a bit out of my reach financially.

But the 750SF is affordable and exhibits the classic Laverda virtues: it’s fast, reliable, stable, and exclusive.  I actually covered much of the history of this bike, and Laverda in general, in a previous post:

Early Laverdas were small displacement sporting machines ranging from 75cc’s to 200cc’s, but Laverda began plans for a big-bore parallel twin to compete with rivals from Harley Davidson, BMW, Moto-Guzzi, and Triumph.  First shown in 1966 as a 650cc machine, it quickly grew to 750cc’s.

The 750 SF was fast and reliable, but expensive.  Early bikes sported the drum front brake found here, but later this was changed to twin discs.  The drum brake is Laverda’s own 9” twin-leading shoe design that led to the name: SF stands for “Super Freni” or “Super Braking”.

Famously overbuilt, the 750 twin made an excellent foundation for endurance racers and the brand built its racing fame on long distance competition.  In their quest reliability, Laverda used Japanese electrical components exclusively.

At 500lb fully fueled they were heavy bikes, and the parallel-twin motor produced about 60hp, powering the bike to a 112 mph top speed.  They vibrated far less than a typical British twin, but still had bags of character and made awesome noises:

From the seller:

Designed by company founder Dr. Francesco Laverda, these bikes were built with the highest quality components available. From Ceriani forks to Akront rims to Fiamm horns to Bosch electronics & Nippon Denso instruments; with stainless steel fenders, show-quality paint, and fanatical attention to detail; Laverdas are top quality Italian bikes built literally of the best parts available. The chain-driven overhead cam 750 cc twin made 61 horsepower and had twin Dellorto carbs and pushbutton electric start.

This one’s all original and in exceptional condition with only 3,803 original miles.  Ran beautifully and pulled like a tractor when decommissioned for display in a climate-controlled environment in 2001.

An affordable classic Italian hot-rod

As an interesting footnote: the bikes were imported to America under the “American Eagle” name from 1968 until 1969.  I’ve actually seen a couple of these for sale on eBay, although I think if I bought one I’d throw originality to the wind and rebadge it as a Laverda…

The bidding is at $3,500.00 with the reserve not yet met and I’ve seen these for sale from about $5,000.

Additional photos of the bike for sale can be found here:



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