1972 Moto Guzzi V7 Sport for Sale

The V7 Sport was the beginning of Moto Guzzi’s long-lived line of racy big-twin bikes, using an innovative frame to combine the ultra-low center of gravity of the sporting singles and the thumping big twin of the V700.  Reducing the bore slightly to reduce the displacement from 757cc to 748cc, bumping compression, and tuning led to 52hp, measured at the wheel.

From the original eBay listing: 1972 Moto Guzzi V7 Sport for Sale

This bike I bought from Moe at Cycle garden November of 2010. This Guzzi was from his private collection! Cycle Garden did a full restoration on this bike in 1998. At which time a big bore kit was installed which bumps it up to a 955cc, together with a LMIII style camshaft makes this motorcycle much tourqier and faster then the original!

The motor was rebuilt 2002 and now has 6,000 miles on it. Right before I bought it from Moe he had repainted the tank and side covers with BASF paint and 30 clearcoats! It looks like a new bike!

This model is setup with early european style brake and shifter. *Shifter on right side and rear brake on left.

Since I have owned this masterpiece of a motorcycle, I have replaced the headers and crossover pipes with new OEM parts! Both carburaters have been rebuilt ,gas tank flushed,cleaned petcocks,replaced fuel hoses,retorqued heads and adjusted valves. I added new rubber fuel tank bumpers and installed rear tank holddown strap. New rubber bumpers were installed under seat as well.

He also provides a nice video of the bike starting from cold.

This is one of the earlier bikes produced, although not one of the cast-from-pure-unobtainum Teliao Rosso bikes that featured higher-spec components and sand-cast engine parts.  Later V7 Sports featured a twin-disc brake set up at the front, but this has the very handsome and reportedly effective drum brake of the earlier machines.

Interestingly, the last time I wrote about one of these, a commenter called me out on part of my article, saying that the V-twin drivetrain had never been used in a military tractor as I’d described at all.

Luckily, another commenter came to my rescue, posting that he was quite sure the “three-wheeled mule” existed: he’d ridden [driven?] one while stationed in Italy.

A very cool way to be validated, but I was pretty sure I was correct already: page 8 in my copy of Mick Walker’s Illustrated Moto Guzzi Buyer’s Guide shows a very nice image of the thing.

Actually, this particular image:

And here’s a page featuring some slightly awkward English, but very cool information and photos of the ugly little thing in action.

Whatever its origin, the 90degree twin was clearly built to last and was developed into a successful sporting machine.  And if the motor came from a tractor, at least it was an Italian tractor…


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  1. Alan S says:

    Nice bike but a little off for the price. It’s been over-restored with blasting, polishing, and some reproduction parts. Seems also to have a later starter as well. Nice, but this is top dollar for a V7 Sport.