1972 Yamaha TR3


Since the 1960’s Yamaha has been offering private racers over the counter race bikes based on production bikes. This 1972 Yamaha TR3 is based on the R5 that was offered since 1970. These small displacement 2-stoke trace their history back to the YR1 Grand Prix bikes.  If this auction was a baseball card we would flip it over and see these stats.

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1972 Yamaha TR3
 350cc air-cooled 2-stroke twin, five piston ports per cylinder, 64mm x 54mm bore and stroke
Claimed Power: 54hp @ 9,500rpm
Top speed: 140mph-plus

Weight (dry): 220lb (100kg)

Fuel capacity: 6gal (23ltr)


From the seller

This TR3 was a two year build, utilizing the best components that could be sourced. The result is a reliable safe bike that can be raced competitively without concern, just add fuel. Every nut /bolt seal, gasket and bearing has been replaced with factory or race quality specification components. In the bikes current form, it competed under both AHRMA and WERA sanction at Daytona and Loudon NH. Per AHRMA specification, bike has required belly pan and absorbent material. This bike is fully sorted, jetted and race ready.

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From the factory, the TR3 came with 34mm Mikuni carbs, a 6 speed transmission, and a HUGE four leading shoe front brake. One of the draw backs of a 2 stroke engine, is there is zero engine compression breaking, so prior to disk brakes, you needed as much brake shoe material as possible.

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More from the seller

Frame is completely stock, unmolested with no known cracks or repairs and has a very rare Don Vesco period alloy swing arm. Front forks and clamps are stock 74-75 TZ with adjustable spring pre load adjusters and aftermarket clip-on’s with adjustable lever assemblies. Forks have been fully serviced of course, with stock rate springs installed along with adjustable hydraulic steering damper. The front brake is stock TR3 with Vintage Brake linings professionally arced to match drum diameter, complete with stock cable splitter. Tires are new Avons mounted on custom built wheels with stainless spokes from Buchanan Spoke and Rim.

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 Motor has two races on build with proper factory pistons rods and bearings, all factory Yamaha parts. Transmission shifts without issues. Carburetors are late model Sudco Mikuni, Ignition is a PVL high output system which has provided a hot reliable ignition system with no issues. Pipes are Swarbrick’s, hand welded with extra reinforcements for mounting and re-packable silencers.

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This bike looks ready to go racing this weekend. Check your local racing calander, calculate transport time, and get your leathers ready. This 1972 Yamaha TR3 is ready for you, now all the seller needs is your money. BB

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