1973 Ducati 750 Super Sport

Update 5.17.2012: We got an email from Tony at Beveltech with the following concerns. Do your due diligence before bidding:

Wrong shocks
Polished rather than black forks
Green rather than black headlight bracket
Drilled discs (should be solid)
Polished triple clamps
Twin plug heads.
Top fairing mount shouldn’t exist.
Wrong width clear viewing stripe on tank
No stripes on tank or seat

If the frame and engine numbers ere disclosed, that might reveal exacly what it is.

There were only a very few 1973 SS’s made, and they were made out of Sports and as such had the black motors.

As they say … 401 made, and only 700 survive.

Original post:

I think that this auction is a really good indication of what people will do to get themselves a 1973  Ducati 750SS. Four Picture, Located in France,  21 Bids up to $60,000. My goodness.

From the seller

For sale in south of France this 750 SS Ducati, 09 / 1973, frame 0752XX, engine 0753XX. Perfect  looking and running condition. Many detailed pics on request on my direct email adress only or by phone xxxxxxxxx. I prefer to exchange this bike than to sale, I’m interested with other interesting classic bikes or cars, pre or post war roadsters, what have you?

The Ducati  750SS is a very iconic motorcycle. After a guy named Smart won at a place called Imola, Ducati was no longer in the small, single cylinder motorcycles. They were in the L-Twin, high horse power, great sounding, World Beating Super Bike making company.

This 750SS has it all. Green Frame, Silver paint, Twin Front Disks. 73hp at 8000rpm through two 40mm Dell’Orto (one of my favorite Italian word), 9.6:1 CR and only 445 lbs wet. All this and Desmodromic valves.  Now all you have to do it fork over the money.

More from the seller

For all the dreamers who still are thinking to pick a bike like this one for 30 k usd, please have a look at the yesterday Ducati sale in Monaco, specially the grey 750 SS round cases Imola Replica round cases, sold for 60 000 euros plus taxes and fees, and the 1971 750 GT sold for 34 500 euros plus taxes and fees.

We have never heard that the French are straight forward, but this seller is telling you like it is. No salesmanship needed. This is what I have for sale, come get it if you have the, but hurry there are  fewer then 24hrs left. (Don’t know how many French hours are left) BB

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