1973 Ducati 750GT for Sale

1973 Ducati 750GT Red L Side

While all of the classic “bevel-drive” Ducatis are collectable, it is the early “round-case” Ducati twins that are still the most sought-after models.  These bikes are ground-zero for Ducati’s current crop of big-bore superbikes and sporting machines, the first models to be powered by the famously charismatic “L-Twin” engine.  Basically, a 90° V-twin with one cylinder sticking out nearly horizontal and the other pointing somewhat ominously at the rider’s crotch, this configuration has become synonymous with the brand in the decades since its introduction.

The 750cc engines were redesigned in 1974 with a much more angular look to match revised bodywork.  This restyle was not generally well received by Ducatisti at the time and, decades later, this bias is reflected in the greater desirability of the earlier “round-case” models.

1973 Ducati 750GT Red Dash and Tank

With SS of both round and square varieties and the Sport models still escalating in value, the 750GT’s are still the best and only affordable way into round-case ownership.  As a bonus, the GT sported the most practical ergonomics and a dual seat, making it a more usable proposition than the more race-y SS and Sport models.

From the original eBay listing: 1973 Ducati 750GT for Sale

I have had the bike since 1999 & believe I am the 3rd  owner.  The bike was a basket case when I got it.  The odometer now reads 20,177 – which is likely close to being correct.  I have totally rebuilt this Ducati, & put only 3000 miles on it since ’99.  The following is a list of the changes, improvements, & upgrades that I, & the previous owners, have made:

Top End: New high CR pistons (750Sport), sleeves, & rings

Carbs: 32mm DelOrto PHF w/ K&N air filters

Ignition:  Dyna S & coils, w/ ballast resistor

Master cyl.: Brembo (original Scarab M cyl. comes with bike)

Caliper: Brembo P08  (original Scarab caliper comes with bike)

Brake Line:  Braided steel

Shocks:  Red Wing (OEM shocks come with bike)

Mufflers:  Bub Conti replicas

Fuse block: aftermarket replacement

Speedo & Tach:  Original Smiths –  (rebuilt)

Seat:  Stock seat recovered, & Cafe solo seat (Syds)  

Side covers: fiberglass (Syds)

Rider’s peg rubbers:  new OEM replicas (not installed)

Passenger pegs (OEM pegs & rubbers with bike-not installed)

Frame stripped & repainted with DU9000

Tank & side covers painted (base coat clear coat) to replicate 750 Sport

1973 Ducati 750GT Red R Engine

Note that the owner has replaced the original Scarab disc brake caliper and master cylinder with the more effective Brembo stopper, an example of the logical, period upgrades that have been implemented.  It’s pretty clear that, while this bike is not perfectly original, it’s in some ways better: it’s usable.

BuyItNow price is $17,500 and bidding is up to almost $9,000 with the reserve not met and five days to go.


1973 Ducati 750GT Red R Rear

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