1973 Honda cb350f

Honda CB350F For Sale

Often dismissed because of its weight and small displacement the CB350f used to be looked at as a bike with no reason in owning. The CB350 twin Hondas are lighter, more powerful and look more like English twins. A lot of people figure why get a four when the faster twin is the same displacement. In my experience the four is a bit of a sleeper, with it’s high revving and smooth single overhead cam. I’ve had a CB350 twin, a CB400f and I have a CB350f in boxes waiting to come up in my rotation of projects. I enjoy the Italian race car-ish four cylinder exhaust over the hollow throat of the twin. I like the smooth, low vibration, high revving four over the low revving vibrating twin. These things I like about the four must be some of the reasons other people like the four as well. I have noticed a trend in the prices of the CB350f’s. A bike that just a few years ago could be picked up for around $1500 is now going for $3000.


I’ve been having a bit of insomnia so I find myself looking at classic sport bikes for sale at all hours of the night. I usually pass over these 350’s because they used to go for cheaper and seemed kind of common. That is no longer the case. I rarely see them on Craigs List and maybe only 1-2 of them on eBay at any given time. I can’t say for sure that they will continue to raise in value in the short term but I can almost guarantee that in the long term these will be fetching some very high prices among collectors. The small fours were produced in a 350cc from 1972-74 and 400cc from 1975-77. The twins were produced for over ten years. The twins might make a better race bike but the fours make a very reliable, smooth runner for going to vintage bike nights and going on short weekend rides.


This 350 is perfectly preserved and slightly modified. My favorite version of a classic. Not so perfect it can be ridden year around without hurting it’s value. Not so abused that it won’t let you ride it. The seller seems to feel the same.


I purchased this classic survivor about a year ago in great condition from the original owner. It had spent its entire life in sunny Southern California always garaged. Sadly after being stored properly for the last 10 years, had ceased to be ridden.

After I got it home and went through all the standard Frankenstein Moto-resurrection processes. (carbs/tank/petcock/brakes/cables/controls/tires) The bike started to grow on me. I had over a dozen candidates for modification and restoration in my shop and decided that this smooth running little four was just what I needed for my daily driver.

I toyed with the idea of turning it into a café racer or maybe a street tracker. The classic lines and the honest patina of this 40-year old beauty won me over so I decided on only period correct, reversible modifications that would enhance the looks while making it a very usable rider. First, I swapped that Hindenburg sized taillight and rear fender for a bobbed 350 twin front fender with a more sensible sized Lucas taillight. Next I changed out the stock bars for a nice set from a CB77 Super Hawk complete with a pair of Amal style gum grips and bar end mirrors. Finally I shortened up the stock blinker shafts to make things a little more proportional. Leaving the Honda emblems on the tank has not helped to clear up confusion between this little four and some of its bigger brothers from over the pond.

I am pleased with what I ended up with, a great looking classic bike that I can daily drive or take off on a 300 mile ride with, that didn’t break the bank or destroy this rare piece of motorcycle history.

This is not a show bike and is over 40 years old. Rides great as is or a good canidate for a full restoration. I reserve the right to end auction early as the bike is for sale locally. These bikes are getting hard to find in good condition. If you are interested you should bid before the end of auction or you may miss out.

The seller and I must be cut from a similar cloth. His description and pictures make me want to get my 350 out of the attic and put it together. If you don’t already have one stashed away this would be a good one to grab.

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  1. That’s absolutely lovely. About the only thing I’d try to get for it would be a 4-into-1 pipe. I just LOVE the sound the small-displacement fours make!