1973 Kawasaki H1D Mach III – 3 to Choose From!

Imagine a time during the early 70’s, you are young, have some money saved up and are looking for a motorcycle. It’s your first motorcycle, so your criteria are simple. Fast, cheap, and Fast.

Suzuki had come out with the first of the large 2-stoke earlier with the T500, but that was only a twin. Kawasaki upped the ante by adding a 3rd cylinder, priced around $1000, and did I say Fast yet.

Numbersfor the 498cc 2 stroke: 60hp at 7500rpm helped by three 28mm Mikuni, and electronic CDI or mechanical points, depending on the year or parts left in Kawasaki parts bins.  Top speed of 122mph, and a quarter mile time of  13.16s at 97mph. Drag racing appears to be a measuring stick  for bikes in the 70’s, make it fast for a short distance, don’t worry about turning. Add to this a unorthodox transmission with 5 up gears, not 1 down four up, and you have created something that everyone wanted, and few could handle. A Tripple with a Ripple.

This 1973 Kawasaki H1D Mach III “” for sale is described by the seller as “pristine” and gives the story of finding the bike and the reason for selling it. A correlation to the nickname?

The physical description

            The tank is un-faded and paint-perfect, except for one tiny stone chip (pictured) about the size of a BB. The engine side casings are stock and unpolished, as are the cylinders and heads. All the foot peg and kick start rubber is fresh and un-cracked, and so are the grips. The Bridgestone tires are sound, have no cracks, and are moderately worn. The seat is supple, gorgeous and looks showroom fresh.

The bike appears like it could have just rolled off the showroom floor, stock with all the parts put on at the factory still there.

These wicked two-strokes were known for their blinding acceleration and twitchy handling, thus were largely either wrecked (hence the nickname) or chopped up for the drag strip

If green is not your color choice, you do have or to choose from. And there is always full race bodywork available

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  1. Andrew Cowley says:

    Could you please tell me if the bike is still for sale and how much for. Also where in the country it is.

  2. Dan says:

    I think bidding has ended on all of these bikes, but the eBay links are still active and you can contact the sellers via eBay.

    If the links aren’t showing, please turn off any ad-blocking software you may be using.

    Thanks for reading,