1973 Kawasaki Z1

When I saw that have taken this bike to $10,000 and not yet reached the reserve, I thought somebody knows something.

What I found was that Kawasaki had their 4 cylinder 4 stroke with the target of 750cc in the works, but were beaten to the punch by the CB750 in 1969. Kawasaki decided to wait and see what happened. When the CB750 was a hit, Kawasaki went one better (really 167cc better) and in 1972 went to market with 903cc.

The Z1 is another bike to lay claim to the first “Super Bike” title and with numbers like 82hp at 8500rpm and a top speed of 130mph they had a very good claim.

The bike offered is the Z1, later models being the Z1A, Z1B, and Z900. The basic engine layout stayed the same throughout production, and even grew up and transported the Ponches and Johns of the CHP and other police forces.

Like this bike, the first Z1 engines were painted black, but later years were left in bare aluminum. Later changes included a twin disk option and frame changes to increase rigidity.

The seller gives us the standard fair, but gives a laundry list of work:

This bike has been completely restored from top to bottom. Runs and rides like it just came off the showroom floor!……. All the engine covers have been polished. The gauges were restored at Z- Resto and look and function like brand new.

Added improvements:

The numbers matching swing arm has new needle bearings to replace the stock bushings. Has new tapered steering head bearings. Forks have been polished and rebuilt. The original numbers matching rims were re-chromed

That last part is new to me, I was not aware that Kawasaki numbered and matched rims.

And if you don’t like the color of this bike, the seller has a nice


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