1973 Laverda 750 SFC Replica

1973 Laverda SFC Replica R Side Front

I’ve said before that I’m kind of a fan of replicas.  Not the creepy, “is that Ferrari drunk, or is it a Fiero with a body-kit” sort of replicas.  Replicas of machines too valuable or rare to be used as intended.  And if anything, super-rare editions were intended with the racetrack, or at least performance in mind.  To me, there’s nothing wrong with recreating a rare, nearly unobtainable machine by using a less valuable version as a starting point.  Especially if you never try to pass it off as anything but an homage to the real thing.

The bike shown here is a Laverda SFC replica based on an SF1.  The real SFC was basically an homolgation machine, borderline unusable on the street, a bare-knuckle, sports-endurance racebike with lights and signals tacked on as a nod to largely theoretical road use.

1973 Laverda SFC Replica Dash

The standard SF1 was a big-bore parallel twin introduced in the late 1960’s so Laverda could compete head-t0-head with larger American and British machines.  They were famously overbuilt and heavy, with very stable handling and quality components.  Laverda cherry-picked parts from all over the globe to create a premium bike: Italian Ceriani suspension, German Bosch ignition, a Japanese Nippon-Denso starter.  The result was a quality machine that did very well in endurance racing events.

Highly tuned and filled with quality racing parts, the SFC produced more power than the less exotic road bikes: approximately 71 to 80hp, depending on the year.  As you’d expect, they are very rare, with only 549 produced between 1971 and 1976.

From the original eBay listing: 1973 Laverda SFC Replica for Sale

For sale is the result of a two year labor of love!  This Laverda began its life as a SF1 and has been patiently and lovingly converted to a SFC Replica.  Essentially, everything outside of the motor is new or rebuilt and I’ll list all details below.  Bike has a clear California title and was recently ridden 100 miles round trip to the San Jose  Vintage Motorcycle Show with no issues… ran at 70mph in 5th gear with the throttle just beyond idle at 3,500 rpm.  There was much, much more throttle waiting to be unleashed but wasn’t the right venue as the CHP were out in force… this would be an AMAZING bike to take out on the track!!!

He also includes a comprehensive list of the parts used and it looks like his goal was to create a very accurate replica of an extremely rare motorcycle, using a pretty darn rare motorcycle as a beginning.  The seller appears knowledgeable and describes in detail the parts he’s added to create his dream machine.  So we know the what, but I’m not sure about why he’s selling it, after all the apparent effort put in.

1973 Laverda SFC Replica Left Engine

The seller also includes a link to additional pictures here.

There are only a couple of days left on this auction, and bidding is up to $8,000.  That’s a lot of cash for an SF1, but a steal for an SFC, considering what real ones go for.  If you’re concerned more about the experience than originality, this could be your Laverda.


1973 Laverda SFC Replica R Side

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