1973 Moto Guzzi V-7 Sport

For Moto Guzzi an iconic bike is the Green with Red frame V-7 Sport. From the factory 150 of the first 1971 bikes received the bright red frame, buts its unclear how many for subsequent years. This one offered on Craigslist comes in that color, and may have come in that color.

The seller states

            ..mostly original with the exception of a repaint matching the original factory paint found underneath the fuel tank The frame was red when I purchased. It was red when the previous owner purchased it

Upgrades to this bike do include dual disk up front, but the seller offers the original four leading shoe brakes with dual pull leaver (my own search for a 4ls brake lead me to this post).

Originally designed as a tractor engine, the 748cc transverse 90 degree V-twin with shaft drive gave 70 hp at 6300 rpm pushes the 495 lb bike to a top speed of 125mph. The Sport was the first to get the new frame designed by Lino Tonti which included the engine as a stress member.

Included with the bike is a “set of factory V-7 Sport jugs.” Again I am not sure if this is to tell me this is an original V-7 Sport, or and original V-7 Sport.

Original Tommaselli “throttle-ridge” grip, original Borrani rims, although I have been told the front is a Borrani replacement….I have ridden this bike around 500 miles per year over the past eight years

This seems to have been and investment for the current owner and unlikely that they used the very often, but that only lets the next owner really enjoy it, if you have $12,500 or a R68 to trade. (if you have an R68 to sell let us know)


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