1973 NCR Ducatti 750 SS

I have purchased items from England and Germany from eBay after searching for months in North America. The added cost of shipping was worth it because they were important parts that I needed to complete a project. When talking about this 1973 NCR Ducati 750SS getting an Italian racing machine from Roma would also be worth the cost.


From the seller

This is a 100% original 1973 Ducati 750SS NCR race bike pre production type. For more info and details please contact Mr. Reno Leoni in Bologna (Italy)


I am going to say that Mr Reno Leoni is more comfortable speaking in English then writing as he has added a phone number to ring him up if you have any additional questions. But really what other questions other then “how long will it take to get here?” can you think to ask?

$_57 (2)

In 1972 Paul Smart rolled to a victory at Imola on a new 748cc Desmo L-Twin designed by Dr Fabio Taglioni. it was 2 years later the Ducati 750SS with the Desmo heads was offered to the public. From the Ducati Factory the SS would generate 73hp at 8000rpm, and with two huge Dell’orto carbs would move you along very well. But what happens when that same bike is rolled into the NCR garage? Removing the un-needed, and “breathing” on the internals. How much more can you imagine?


NCR mission Statement

NCR’s mission is to prove itself to the motorcycling market as a designer and manufacturer of very exclusive motorcycles that use the highest available technology and leading design to a knowledgeable and demanding customer.

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With a starting bid of $120,000 there are not going to be a lot of bidders for this 1973 Ducati NCR 750SS. But those that are willing to invest are getting two things. A blue chip 750SS, and the additional cache of NCR. Will the new owners campaign the bike? They say it takes a large fortune to make a small fortune in racing, does that hold true for Vintage racing?

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  1. Now this is a real Ducati built by RL, absolutely gorgeous.