1974 Ducati 750 GT Round Case







Classic Ducatis show up regularly on this site, and it’s with good reason.   They offer most everything collectors are looking for: exclusivity, pedigree, exotic technology, good looks, and usable performance.

At a glance, it’s pretty easy to assume that Ducati’s bikes from this era are all the same.  If you’re not really into the ins and outs of vintage Ducatis, you may not realize the classic bevel-drive twins can be broadly divided in to “round case” and “square case” bikes, but once you know, the differences are pretty easy to spot.  The earlier round case models, in addition to being rarer, are generally considered more aesthetically pleasing and therefore more valuable.

The 750 GT was reworked in 1974 by Giorgetto Giugiaro into the 860 GT and the restyle included the aforementioned engine cases, which were given a much more angular look to match the new bodywork.  The new bike was not well-received at the time and has only recently begun to be appreciated, possibly because its values compared to the earlier bikes have remained low, making the 860 a more affordable alternative for people looking at bevel-drive ownership.







Regardless, this is likely one of the last round case bikes, since 1974 was the year the square case redesign was introduced.  The 750 came in SS, Sport, and GT flavors, with the GT being the most practical and comfortable of the three for everyday use.  It had higher bars and a more comfortable, dual seat.  The SS and Sport both had bum-stop solo seat and clip-ons.

From the original eBay listing: 1974 Ducati 750 GT Round Case

This is a well maintained machine that starts on the first or second kick, it runs and pulls strong with no mechanical issue and you will not be disappointed.  A few years ago; it has been updated with an electronic ignition –

This Bike Boasts;

      Brand new genuine Contis exhausts

      New seat

      New Paoli air shocks

      New Dunlop Tourmasters which have less than 2000 miles

This GT is so comfortable to ride, and the sound of the Contis dual exhaust is pure music to your ears.

Last fall, prior to storage, we put in a new battery and new Agip synthetic oil. The future owner of this classic should be prepared to answer to quite a few questions wherever it is parked because it is quite an attention getter.







The bike is in Quebec, Canada but this shouldn’t cause too much of a headache for buyers in the States, considering the age of the bike.


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