1974 Ducati 750 Sport


Dr. Fabio Taglioni had brought the Italian 90 degree twin to the world in 1971 with the 750 GT. The engine, combined with a trellis frame created an instant classic. I have always wondered if a designer knows when they design and icon, or if it takes years to realize. This 1974 Ducati 750 Sport has gone through a restoration and sits ready for the next owner and the next 40 years. How will the first 40yrs of use compare to the next?

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From the seller

This is a completely restored 1974 Ducati 750 Sport.  This is a one owner bike.  It was purchased on September 6th 1974, in southern California.  Unfortunately it sat since 1977.  After 36 years of sitting it was in need of a complete  restoration.  It was completely disassembled down to the frame.  All frame pieces, triple clamps and bottom fork tubes were powder coated.  The engine case and cooling fins were bead blasted and all originally polished aluminum pieces were repolished.  The cylinder sleeves were replaced do to pitting.  The piston rings, valve guides and valve seals were also replaced along with all gaskets and seals.  The rims are new (Akront Morad-made in Spain), they were drilled, laced and trued by Buchanan Spoke and Wheel.  All wheel bearings were replaces and the hubs were polished.  The Delorto carbs were cleaned and rebuilt.  I had to replace the original Brembo brake master with a newer style Brembo master as the original was rusted solid.  The Brembo brake caliper was powder coated and rebuilt with new pads.  The forks were completely cleaned and the seals replaced.  All body pieces are freshly painted and new decals applied.  All chrome pieces were rechromed.  All grips and rubber are new.  The gauges were cleaned and calibrated by Palo Alto Speedometer.  The tires are new Continental vintage motorcycle tires.  I replaced the dual point ignition and coils with a Dynatec electronic ignition system for smoother more predictable running.  This bike looks like new and runs and sounds great.  Everything works and it’s awesome to look at.  You wont find another one like this.  I also have three different like new manuals that go with it, plus some advertising posters and Ducati shop rags.  Good luck!

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The first 90 degree v-twin came out of Ducati in 1971 with the Ducati GT. The Grand Tour grew into a Sport bike over a couple years with the increase in compression ration, and the addition of 32mm Dell’ortos. The riders position also was altered by adding clip-on bars and rear set controls. The GT gave you 50bhp, the Sport upped that to 56bhp at 8200rpm giving you the power to push the wind aside and reach 125mph.

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This 1974 Ducati 750 Sport has sat most of its life un-used. The current seller lists all the right things: re-chrome, re-paint, new rubber, ect. So what the winning bidder is going to get, is an almost new bike, with apparently few miles, just lots of years. The Ducati V-twins has become an icon of the sports bike world. It earned that with not only design and looks, but with performance. The problem has become the cost to own an icon has taken some of these bikes off the road, and put them up on pedestals. I suggest you purchase this bike, ride it for the next 40 years, then plan another full restoration. BB

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