1974 Ducati 750GT for Sale

1974 Ducati 750GT L Tank

The 750GT was really the most versatile bike in Ducati’s 1970’s line up: it wasn’t a racebike for the street like the 750SS or 900SS, and it wasn’t an in-your-face cafe-racer like the 750Sport.  It was a do-it-all sporting bike that could scratch on back roads or do some light touring, all with equal panache.

This iteration of Ducati’s classic v-twin doesn’t have the iconic Desmodromic valvetrain, but you can’t see that anyway, and the bike does have the distinctive towershafts and bevel-drive of it’s more sophisticated stablemate.  This one even has the super-cool “gear-gazer” clear cover that lets you see the bevel gears that drive the rear cylinder’s cam.  If I ever own a vintage Ducati, you’d better believe I’ll have one of those on it…

1974 Ducati 750GT R Engine

The Ducati 750GT is really the only sort-of reasonable way into the Vintage Roundcase Ducati club these days, and that may not last long: people are hip to these now, and they’re also hip to the fact that clipons and rearsets suck for people of an age that can afford to drop this sort of coin on a vintage motorcycle.  The GT’s more humane ergonomics compared to SS and Sport models just sweeten the deal.

From the original eBay listing: 1974 Ducati 750GT for Sale

The bike has a new very professional “stock” burgundy and black paint job, new metal tank badges and new side cover badges. The striping is all done by hand and is the correct off white toward ivory, per original. All the dimensions for paint locations are as per a noted expert, bevel barbarian and well known belt buckle maker. I was told the only problem with the paint was it looked better than the factory paint ever did. It also won’t fade and craze like the original paint Ducati used. They used to start fading as soon as you parked them in the sun!

I got a question about this so let me make it clear. ALL of the late 750s had soft valve guides that wore out and caused smoke at relatively modest mileage. The smoke is from the prematurely worn guides because they are SOFT. If you buy a similar vintage Ducati that hasn’t had the guides changed, you WILL have to pull the heads and change them. The guides on this one have been replaced with modern guides, the rings are not yet broken in as it has zero miles on it since the top end overhaul.

The high water price I’ve seen on these was about 8 months ago when someone paid around $34,000 for an “original” bike that still had the stock air cleaners. That’s something pretty much anyone who knew anything about motorcycles, took off. This motorcycle has ll the upgrades you want on a rider, better alternator, regulator and fuse block, better suspension and better ignition system. If you are looking for a really good one of these, here it is. Make an offer and let’s talk.

1974 Ducati 750GT R Engine2

There’s very little time left on this listing, so move quickly if this bike appeals.  And if you like vintage Ducati’s, it should: it’s in really wonderful, better-than-new condition, even if the listed asking price is steep at $22,000.


1974 Ducati 750GT R Side

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