1974 Honda CB 750 K

Pretty clean green machine. As time moves on, early CB750’s as original as this one will become harder and harder to find. Considering Honda’s place in race bike history buying one of these and hanging onto it just makes good sense. I mean, you can’t ride your 401k to the pub. Why not put some eggs in the fun investment basket. This bike is a pretty low cost investment sure to give a nice return of fun and a little on value. It’s not that super rare or unique, it’s a plain Jane that will go for an affordable price. Perfect for the person wanting to add to or start a collection on a budget.

1974 Honda CB750 For Sale on eBay

Here’s the seller’s description.

We are professional mechanics, and completed all of the work on this bike. This bike is in great original condition.
Great running condition
Starts easily and runs like a clock
Good title
When we found it ,it had been in storage for years
To put it back in service we:
Removed and rebuilt carbs
New fuel line and filters
New oil filters and oil
New battery
Rebuilt front forks-new seals, new boots, and new oil
Dismantled and cleaned running gear
Cleaned oil and fuel tank
Cleaned ignition parts
Replaced plugs
Repaired wires
Tires very good cond., 80% rubber
Restored and repainted both side covers matte black
Gas tank is original with two small pings less than the size of a dime, very hard to notice
Missing one side cover badge
Seat cover is very good but has one small slit approx. one quarter inch long, it is hard to notice
Chrome is very good with very slight pitting in places, but it cleaned up very well
Frame and suspension in very good condition
Mileage is unknown because somewhere along the line someone changed the speedometer and it is not the original one
It is a beautiful original condition motorcycle
Please call if you have any questions.

The starting bid is about what I’d pay for it if I were looking for a CB750. There’s a chance you could get it for that or if there’s no bidders this time around maybe it’ll be listed for a slightly lower price next week. It’s roll of the dice with better odds than letting day traders play with your hard earned money. 🙂

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