1974 John Player Norton

We have highlighted a John Player Norton here on CSBFS and given a little bit of history on our previous post. This JPN offered today on eBay looks to be in great condition from the cramped pictures offered. Get that guy in the back to help you move the Corvette and take the bike outside for some good pictures.

From the seller

1974 Norton John Player . This is a one owner bike purchased in California from a Norton dealer in 1975. Completely original, … Documented original mileage of 4455 miles. Never laid down ,motor never opened up…starts right up. everything works, electrical, hydraulics etc. This is a no -stories bike. Pair of NOS-chrome mufflers still in their boxes come with the bike. Original calif. pink-slip,…mint condition. This bike is very much one of a kind,..a great collector opportunity.

When the JPN came out, Endurance racing was all the rage in Europe, and the full fairing and dual headlights were a tribute to the success that Norton was having. But once again America was behind the trends and the John Player Norton’s that did end up on these shores often sat unsold. Once again, what was once unwanted has become wanted.

To tell you the truth, as I mentioned in a previous post, I am heading to Bonneville Speed Week in about 24 hours, and I was looking for a motorcycle that I could pick up to go racing. And with the full fairing, claimed 60hp at 6200rpm I am thinking that I could roll this off the trailer and go fast. Wish me luck. BB

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