1974 TZ250A

We have had a rash of Yamaha TZ here at CSBFS and I see that this 1974 TZ250 has graces the pages of our sister site RSBFS previously.

When looking at this dedicated race bikes I always wonder what it is that keeps them from selling? Is it the expectations of the seller, real or imaginary? Is it the fear factor from the buyer? Which ever it is, the seller is putting this beautiful race bike up

The seller states:

            Restored original 1974 Yamaha TZ250A. The bike was completed last year. All original parts. The bike has not been started.

Has the seller not had and opportunity to start it, or are the concerned that starting it will effect their ability to sell the bike?

Researching exactly what you get from a 1974 TZ250A I found numbers like 51bhp at 10,500 rpm, square bore and stroke at 54 cm, 247cc at 7.6:1 CR. Like many race bikes, top speed is what you can make of it with tuning and gearing for the track you are racing.

The work put into the engine:

            The motor was stripped completely and rebuilt with a good crank, NOS cyl`s with Nicasil in place of chrome. All new gaskets and seals…. Clutch, primary drive, transmission were all checked and shimmed.

Upgrades came in the following years to the TZ250B, C, D, E, F, G, H, and finally J in 1982. These changes included a mono shock, engine placement, head work, port work, changes in exhaust design, reduction in frame weight, individually cast cylinders, change in bore and stroke, and (if I read this right) changed rotation direction of the engine.


They have put a lot of work into the body as well:

            All glass work is new and painted. Extensive tank repair had to be done, as it must have had a pound of Bondo in it. Bottom was cut out and interior repair done.

Having read a little bit of what it takes to survive racing a GP level 2-stoke, and reading what our own Dan is having to do to tune his Chesterfield, this bike is going to have a narrow appeal. This might be a reason why it is being re-listed, and as of this moment the reserve has not been reached.


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