1975 Benelli 500 Corsa Replica Pasolini

The great thing about being a Vintage Motorcycle Enthusiast is that a great industry has developed over the years to support your desires. As a youth you may have dreamed of riding the latest, greatest GP bikes shown every month in your chosen motorcycle magazine. Today you can come really darn close. This Benelli 500 Corsa Replica offered up on eBay appears to be a made to order Grand Prix replica from the early  1970’s.

 From the seller

BENELLI 500 CORSA REPLICA PASOLINI FORSALE. Designed and manufactured by the work-shop expecialists in the BENELLI CLUB OF SPAIN, using original Italian and Spanish components. As you can see by the pics some options can be made: Front twin 300mm Brembo, front Ceriani replica 230mm drum and frontFontanareplica 250mm drum. Rear I can fit the original Benelli Grimeca 200mm with single or twin cam or a Ceriani 210mm twin cam. Front fork is a Showa 35mm, internally and externally adapted for racing use or the Ceriani racing 35mm.

Benelli did race, and had great success during the 1960’s with 350cc and smaller bikes. Riders  like Renzo Pasolini and Tarquinio Provini were able to win Italian Champianships, and success on the Isle of Man by Kel Carruthers in 1969 gave Benelli a World Championship. But with the arrival of the Japanes bikes it took investment from outside ofItalyto develop the 500cc Quattro which is at the center of this Corsa Replica. A 500cc 4 cylinder with a single overhead cam that look very much like the bikes they were competing against to stay alive.

More from the seller

The engine (Benelli 500Quattro 1975)  is upgraded to 60Hp, using Corsa big bore pistons, Corsa tunned head, Corsa stage 1 cam, bigger carbs, digital electronic ignition, oil cooler etc. Engine with 75HP is available under special order for 3.000 euros extra cost, including Corsa stage 2 cam (300º), full Corsa head with bigger valves, lightned and balanced crank, 28mm Mikuni carbs etc. A close ratio gear box can 5 speed be made under order.The prices are from 9.000 euros for the twin disc version (pics), 10.500 euros for the Ceriani 230mm front drum (pics) and 12.500 euros for the Fontana bike option (pics). The bike with full power engine has 3.000 euros extra price, so the bike with 250Fontanaat the front and 210 Ceriani at back will cost 15.500 euros. World wide delivery. Shipping cost to USA is 1200 euros, to Atlantic cost.

Make it not so loud

Megaphones are unsilenzed but a set of curved internal silencers can be furnished. The bike is prepared only for circuit or parade show use, but under order a version for road use can be delivered, including complete wiring loom, generator, dash board, speedo, front headlamp, tail light, horn and indicators. That option increase the price 1.500 euros.

This looks like a very impressive motorcycle with styling from the Grand Prix bikes of the 1970’s. The technology of today has been used to replicate the top of the line names from the past. Gremeca, Ceriani, Brembo, and Fontana were all the S%!T in days gone by, but now you can buy these old designs brand new without having to hunt down originals. This Benelli Corsa Replica has taken a 500cc street bike and styled it after a Grand Prix bike of the 1970’s. And from the sellers description, there is room to grow and improve with a little extra cash. BB

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