1975 BMW R90S

Like the BMW R69Sthat we posted a week ago, the R90S was the sports bike for the next generation of BMW. It is also another bike that puts a claim to being the first Super Bike. I think that it has a very good claim as the R90S ridden by Reg Pidmore won the first AMA Superbike Championship in 1976. First Superbike Champion = First Superbike right?

BMW used “/” to divide one generation from the next, and he R90S is from the /6 generation offered from 1973 through 1976.  The number for the S run about the same as similar super bikes of the time. 898cc, 9.5:1 compression, 67hp pushing the 498lbs bike to a top speed of 124mph. The difference between the non S and R90S appears to be in the slight increase (.5) in Compression Ratio, and the fuel/air delivery system, 38mm Dell’orto compared to 32mm Bing. Nothing like a little Italian thrown in with German engineering.

The seller of this Daytona Orange (forever known as Sunkist) R90S gives a long list of upgrades and improvements.

1.      VDO oil pressure and voltage gauges

2.      Corbin “Gunfighter” seat

3.      Drive off center stand

4.      K&N air filter

5.      Braded steel front brake lines

6.      Progressive suspension, front and rear

7.      Bar end mirrors

8.      Gustafson windscreen

9.      Halogen headlight upgrade

10.  Gel no maintenance battery

11.  Stainless header pipes

12.  Avon Super Venom tires

13.  Luftmeister equipment including: lightened flywheel, fork brace, sport mufflers and a oil pan spacer/oil cooler.

14.  Dyna electronic ignition

15.  Dual plugged heads

The items in this list are very desirable to this special sport bike, and would cost thousands of dollars to add to a BMW not so equipped.

I will agree with the “desirable” tag given by the seller. Lufmeister was one of “The” performance after market suppliers, the other being C.C. Products. Dual Plugged head have been, and will be continually be debated as to a performance upgrade, but if Superbike Champion builder Udo Gielt used it for his build, I would say its is a valid performance upgrade.

The R90S is a Classic Sports bike that can be ridden and enjoyed.  It is not too exotic, uncomfortable, or temperamental to ride to work every day. A modern sports bike before its time. It looks like this bike was a rider, and has a few blemishes that might keep the price down, so you can get a very good example, for what should be a very reasonable price. BB

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  1. Steve Leslie says:

    Is this R90S still for sale? If so what is the price and how do I contact the seller.