1975 Ducati 750 GT Resto-Mod

Reportedly born from a sketch on a napkin, Fabio Taglioni’s the bevel-drive Ducati V-twin motor is one of the most iconic motorcycle powerplants of all time.

The 750GT was powered by the 748cc version of the motor and had a nearly “square” bore and stroke: 76mm x 75mm and was available from 1971.  Forerunner to the more aggressive 750 Sport and SuperSport, the GT had handlebars instead of clip-ons, a dual seat, and a more relaxed riding position.

This GT is the sort of bike I’d love to create, the best of the old and new.  It’s a “resto-mod”, a bike that’s been restored and tastefully modified and upgraded to more modern specification.  Sharp eyes will notice the wider tires, clip on bars, steering damper, and other changes.

Or you could just check the original ad for an extensive list of the modifications that have been made:

1975 Ducati 750 GT Resto-Mod

These bikes are very desirable, but more affordable than the 750 Sport or SuperSport models.  The modifications on this particular bike make it both more reliable and practical, but also less “original”.  I’ll be watching this auction to see how these changes affect the bidding on this bike.


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