1975 Honda CB400F for Sale

1975 Honda CB400 R Side

If you’re looking for a sophisticated 1970’s bike, and Honda’s CB750’s are starting to get a bit rich for your blood or are simply too cliche, can I recommend something perhaps a bit…  Smaller?  The revolutionary CB750 four-cylinder spawned a whole range of Honda motorcycles of varied displacements, and what the CB400F lacks in outright grunt, it makes up for in sophistication.

1975 Honda CB400 Dash

I love these and, although they’re beginning to get the attention their classic status and technical specification deserve, their prices remain low.  The little CB400F featured very sophisticated mechanicals for the time: a 408cc four-cylinder motor and a six-speed transmission.  At the time, few bikes of any displacement had more than two or three cylinders, and even fewer had more than five forward speeds.  And that distinctive, four-into-one exhaust really tells you this is something a bit different.

1975 Honda CB400 Mirror

But while the technical specification makes the bike stand out now, at the time, it really just added weight, complexity, and expense: Yamaha’s two-stroke RD350 could have it for lunch.  But time has been kind to the CB400F, and folks looking for something a bit less raucous and high-strung than the racy two-strokes have a more refined option here.

From the original eBay listing: 1975 Honda CB400F for Sale

17731 miles. Perfect running motorcycle. Carbs have been cleaned, new tires, brake lines, gel battery, and runs GREAT!!  This motorcycle has been in a collection for the past 6 years. Always stored inside. All original except for tires, grips and mirrors. The original paint is a bit faded on the tank but there is no rust inside, one very tiny dent on top. Always garaged and adult owned. No disappointments here. Hate to sell from my collection, but it’s time to cut down the inventory.  Please call with any additional questions. I can help arrange transportation.

1975 Honda CB400 Gas Cap

I really love these as beginner classics: they’ve got a simple style, they’re pretty inexpensive, parts are available, they’re reliable, sweet-running, powerful enough to keep you ahead of traffic, and very cool.  This one is still pretty darn cheap, and looks to be a good buy.  It’s even got a very nice set of cafe-y bar-end mirrors already fitted!


1975 Honda CB400 R Rear

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