1975 Honda CB400F for Sale

Built between 1975 and 1977 the little CB400F four-cylinder could be thought of a mini-superbike at a time when few bikes of any displacement sported so many reciprocating bits.  The gorgeous four-into-one header clearly advertised its cylinder surplus and remains one of the bike’s most distinguishing characteristics.

Honda’s CB750 was introduced in 1969 and spawned a whole range of fours: a 350, a 500, a 550, and the 400.  The 408cc motor found in the 400F was basically a bored-out 350, fitted with different valves and, perhaps most importantly, a 6th gear.  The revised gearing pushed the bike to a higher top-speed, aided acceleration, and added a bit of additional mechanical exclusivity: most bikes of the time had no more than 5 gears.

Aimed at the Kawasaki and Yamaha two-strokes, the Honda 400F couldn’t compete on outright power or speed on the street: in spite of a racy riding position and sophisticated specifications, it gave up almost 50 lbs to the Yamaha RD350 it was pitched against, although it was much more refined and reliable.  Blessed with stable handling, the Honda was beloved of canyon-carvers but a relative flop on the sales floor.

But Honda’s recessive racing DNA allowed talented racers to succeed on the track against much more well-endowed machines: guys like Kaz Yoshima updated internals never designed for the screaming revs required to compete against the liter-bikes of the day and pushed the bikes north of 130mph.  Not bad for a sub 500cc bike in 1975…

This one looks like a keeper.  I was drawn to the comprehensive listing that features, not only a nearly obsessive list of updates and repairs, but also the use of both capital and lowercase letters, as well as grammar, syntax, and clear sentence structure.  Refreshing to anyone who spends any amount of time browsing eBay or Craigslist.

From the original eBay ad: 1975 Honda CB400F for Sale

Excellent refurbished condition mechanically and cosmetically.  I’ve owned this bike for four years;  I found it on Ebay in decent mechanical condition but pretty much standard cosmetic condition for an original bike.   I then proceeded to go through it and serviced, repaired, refurbished, replaced and repainted every part necessary to make it a great looking, great running, reliable bike.  I continued to use the bike while the work was going on but still have managed to put only two hundred miles on it since I’ve owned it.   I have another bike and other projects and I am just not riding this bike as much as I thought I would.  There is a lot of information here to accurately describe the bike and I hope you’ll take the time to read through it completely and check the pictures thoroughly.  

The bike looks great, runs and rides like it should and is smooth, quiet and strong.  Everything works and it needs virtually nothing to start enjoying it.  Quickly, some of the work done (detailed list and work log is below after the listing text) :  Excellent condition professionally applied paint on tank and side covers with clear coat over the decals (bike was originally red with red side covers) – new seat -new tires – new muffler – new battery (three weeks old) – new brake pads, shoes, braided lines and hard line and brake light relay – new fork tubes – new wheel bearings and seals – new front fender and mirrors – new front and rear turn signal lights – rebuilt carbs – new air filter – new Avon tires with less than two hundred miles on them – just serviced with new air filter, oil and filter change, timing set, points, plugs, valve adjust.  Also new throttle, clutch and brake cables, lines, lights.  Again, there is more; please see the work and repair log I’ve attached below.   Also have the original tool pouch and tools in good condition.  I have all receipts for the parts.

CB400’s are sweet, stylish, and cheap, with excellent parts availability and a bit of rarity thrown in to make the owner feel special.  All-in-all, a perfect first classic.


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2 Responses

  1. Buck says:

    I had one of those, they’re great. Your comment on sentence structure and capitol letters cracked me up. I’m right there with you.

  2. Lovely example! Somebody’s going to wind up with a really nice 400F here. Wish it were me!